Texas Revolution and US Mexican War

Texas Revolution/US Mexican War

"Old Three Hundred" Colonize Texas

1821 - 1827

Mexican Independence


National Colonization Law

August 1824

Mexico outlaws slavery


Mexico closes Texas to US immigration


Stephen Austin meets General Santa Ana in Mexico City to discuss reforms


Massacre at Goliad

March 1835

Mexican army tries to capture a cannon in Gonzales

September 1835

Texans revolt against Mexico

October 1835

Siege at Alamo

February 1836

Sam Houston declares Texas a free country

March 1836

Battle of San Jacinto

April 1836

Lone Star Republic established

September 1836

James Polk becomes President


Texas enters the US as a slave state


John Fremont invades California


John Slidell offers Mexico $25 million for TX, CA, and NM


General Stephan Kearny invades New Mexico


Fighting breaks out along the Rio Grande

April 1846

Congress declares war on Mexico

May 1846

General Zachary Taylor invades Mexico

February 1847

Battle of Buena Vista

February 1847

General Winfield Scott wins at Chapultepec

September 1847

Mexico City falls

September 1847

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

February 1848