Michael James Higginson-Stubbs


The day the world got eminently and profoundly better


(My Birthday)



5/11/1995 - 8/14/1995

My Birth Town I lived in for 3 months

267 Alpine St. Comox B.C. Canada Earth Milky Way Universe B-21A

8/14/1995 - Present

My Current Residence since my third month of life


Paper Route

2005 - 2007

First job in cooperation with my older brother John

Little Caesars Shakerboarder

2007 - dec 2008

Second and WORST Job

Tim Hortons

2009 - Present

Current and favoured job serving a variety of food and beverages

Interesting Events

First Marriage(s)

May 2000 - aug 2000

When I married three girls (or guys?!?) whom I no longer remeber

Got new Step Father

17 June 2007

When my Mother married my Step Dad

First Entered Mr. Kirks Classroom

9 september 2009

The most... interesting event of my life so far

Created Highland Crest

oct. 2009

Commisioned to create Highland Crest


Ray of Sunshine Pre-School

1999 - June 2000

Pre- School where I got married

Comox Elementary School

Sept 2000 - Jun 2007

"Welfare's my middle name!" exclaimed Comox El.

École Aspen Park

September 2007 - June 2008

"AWESOME is my full name!!" proclaimed Aspen

Highland Secondary

September 2008 - Jun 2013

My Current School...