TLO Timeline


Can't Fight This Feeling

September 1 1989

Colin/Euan; how they first got together

Colin is picked up by Puddlemere

July 1 2002

Like A New Emotion

August 1 2002

Colin/Euan; first practice together after Colin joins Puddlemere

I'm Your Biggest Fan

August 23 2002

Colin/Euan; they attend an event together and things get weird

Between The Lines

August 30 2002

Colin/Euan; Colin confronts Euan about what happened at the event (I'm Your Biggest Fan)

Come Undone For You

August 30 2002

Colin/Euan; a continuation of Between The Lines

If Only They Knew

September 15 2002

Colin/Euan; they go out together as platonic bros and try to keep their hands to themselves

Put 'Em On Hold

October 15 2002

Euan/Cora; Cora interviews Euan and accidentally figures out he's with Colin

Out of the Storm

October 15 2002

Colin/Euan; they fight after Euan's interview with Cora

Shake It Out

October 31 2002

Euan/Cora; Euan apologizes to Cora for his freak out

In Plain Sight

November 1 2002

Colin/Euan; their first joint interview

One Thing I Need

December 23 2002

Colin/Euan; their first Christmas back together

Through The Dark

January 30 2003

Colin/Euan; Euan is injured during a game

Long Time Coming

February 6 2003

Euan/Aspen; sibling bonding over takeout, Euan comes out to Aspen

You Belong To Me

February 15 2003

Colin/Euan; they fight over insecurities after Euan has to flirt with a girl at the pub

History Of Silence

April 15 2003

Colin/Euan; Colin comforts Euan after he comes out to his parents

Alternate Universe

Worse Than Nicotine

July 1997

Colin/Euan; get reacquainted after both have come out to the public

No Light, No Light

January 1 2003

Colin/Euan; they fight when Colin reveals he had been in a relationship with Tristan