Aztecs were banished


The teenage tribal daughter was sacrificed and the small Aztec tribe was banished to the swampy islands.

Building of city began


The city was built on a foundation of sticks, mud/earth, and volcanic rock in the murky waters. This created a large foundation that the city was built upon.

War was waged on the Tepanecs


The Tepanecs were the tribe that ruled the land that the Aztecs lived in. The Aztecs were basically a subject to them until when the Tepanecs noticed the growing Aztec empire so they killed their ruler.

Extension of the empires' borders


After the war against the Tepanecs, the AZtecs had all the land that they owned but later on, the empire grew larger and they extended to the gulf of mexico and farther south.

Population was to the number of 15 million


The rising empire had subjects to 15 million people, the Aztec then were truly powerful.

A flood burst into the city


A great rain came and flooded the city, to prevent more of these, the Aztecs created a dike that surrounded the city and truly showed that they were the greatest engineers in the Americas.

Hernand Cortez arrives


Hernand Cortez was a conquistador that came to find gold but he found a city of gold. He tricked the Aztecs by having them invite him to the city and he held the emperor captive and captured the city.

The aztec city has fallen


Soon after Cortez, the empire was destroyed by the conquistador and 90% of the empire was destroyed by famine, disease, and enemy tribes.