2014 Inventions - Wise


sing languege - Andrea


In 1620 the first book for sign language for the abc's was made by Juan Pablo de Bonet.

In 1778 Samuel Heinicke of Leipzig Germany founded a public school for deaf people (people that can't hear.) where he taught people speech and speech reading!

In 1864 Gallaudet College in Washington D.C. was founded the one and only liberal arts college for deaf people in the world..!

Spring Coils-KC

1635 - 1703

Spring Coils were made by Robert Hooke and he observed that when an elastic body is subjected to its dimension or shape changes in proportion to the applied stress over a range of stresses. In 1678, Robert Hooke, on the basis of his experiments with springs, stretching wires, and coils, stated a rule between extension and force.

Air balloon Alyssa

1783 - 2014

•Benjmin Franklin created the Air balloon.
•On November 21, 1783 Benjamin took his invention to the gardens of king's in Boris de boslodge on the out skirts of Paris to witness an invention.
•At about half a mile from the starting point,the ball on began to descend over the river scene; but when the feed under the fire their sack of hot air with chopped straw they rose to the elevation of five hundred feet.

Camera Lindsey

1827 - 2014

Louis Daguerre made the first camera.
In 1940 they made the first colorful camera.
Photograph means light and to draw.

Toilet Paper Lillia


Toilet paper was enventid by Joseph gaetty.
He wanted to make something to soft to wipe with after using the toilet.it was invented in 1857.it did not become common until 1907


1864 - 2014

Skates were made of leg bones of large animals. In 1865,Jackson Haines, a famous skater developed the two plate and all metal blade. The first artifcial icerink was built in 1876.

Molly B- E-Mail

  1. The inventor of the E-Mail was named Ray Tomlinson.
  2. E-Mail stands for Electronic Mail.
  3. Ray chose the @ symbol to tell people what computer it was at.

Apple computers-Addison

1976 - 3/19/2014

It was made in 1976!
Was made the 1st of April!
It has a keyboard!



The apple had the idea of making the first iPhone.
The iPhone started selling at June 9, 2007.
The iPhone 4s was released with the voice activated assistant, Siri.