Shakespeare Timeline


Events that happened in Shakespeares personal life

Shakespeare Baptised

April 26, 1564 - April 27, 1564

His actual birthdate is not known. He was Baptised in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England.

Shakespeare falls in love

11/27/1582 - 11/28/1582

Shakespeare falls in love and marries Anne Hathaway on November 27th

Williams First Child is Born

10/26/1583 - 10/27/1583

Susanna, WIlliam and Anne's first child is born and lives 66 years.

Shakespeare writes his first play

1589 - 1590

During this year, William writes his first play Henry VI, Part One

Shakespeare composes Hamlet

1600 - 1601

In this year, Shakespeare composes his greatest play, Hamlet

William dies

April 23, 1616 - April 24, 1616

William dies and is buried in the Stratford Holy Church


Belief in Superstition

1500 - 1700

The belief in superstition greatly affected this time period. Everyone wanted a horoscope. We see some of these fortune tellers and superstitions in shakespeares plays.

Peoples lives were short

1500 - 1600

The average lifespan of this time period was about 30 years because of poor treatment of diseases and sudden deaths. No one had the medical technology to be able to fight off diseases.

Showy Dress

1550 - 1650

During these times people were obsessed with showy dress. This included long flowy dresses with corsets and bonnets. And wigs for the men.

Women had limited rights

1560 - 1620

During shakespeares time, women had limited rights. Most women had little power over the direction of their lives as men controlled most of their actions.

Plague Outbreak


The plague, a nasty disease outbreaks in England and kills around twenty percent of the population. This disease, also known as the black death, is a main contributor to the great depression

Death of Queen Elizabeth


Queen Elizabeth passes away. This causes complication because she did not leave an heir which made the citizens of England uneasy about who was to be their next King/Queen.