Untitled timeline


King Christopher is born

1000 AD

Queen Louise is born

1012 AD

King Christopher and Queen Louise are married

1037 AD

King Louis is born

1041 AD

Prince Richard is born

1046 AD

Queen Anita is born

1046 AD

Prince Barry is born

1047 AD

Prince Ray is born

1051 AD

Princess Stephanie is born

1054 AD

Princess Sharon is born

1056 AD

King Christopher dies

1057 AD

Prince Barry and Princess Sharon are married

1074 AD

Queen Louise dies

1077 AD

King Louis and Queen Anita are married

1079 AD

Prince Ray and Princess Stephanie are born

1085 AD

King Francis is born

1088 AD

Prince Richard dies

1097 AD

King Edward is born

1104 AD

Prince Barry dies

1107 AD

Prince Ray dies

1109 AD

Princess Sharon and King Francis are married

1110 AD

Queen Kelly is born

1111 AD

Prince Edwin is born

1119 AD

King Louis dies

1121 AD

King Brandon is born

1124 AD

Princess Sharon dies

1124 AD

Queen Anita dies

1126 AD

Princess Stephanie dies

1126 AD

Queen Jessica is born

1130 AD

Queen Kelly and King Edward are married

1138 AD

Prince Charles is born

1141 AD

Queen Jessica and Prince Edwin are married

1155 AD

Queen Wendy dies

1159 AD

King Bobby is born

1159 AD

Prince Edwin dies

1167 AD

Queen Jessica and Prince Charles are married

1169 AD

King Francis dies

1177 AD

Prince Fred is born

1178 AD

King Bobby and Queen Wendy are married

1192 AD

Queen Tina is born

1193 AD

Queen Kelly dies

1194 AD

Prince Charles dies

1200 AD

King Edward dies

1200 AD

Queen Jessica and Prince Fred are married

1205 AD

King Brandon dies

1210 AD

Prince Paul is born

1213 AD

Queen Jessica dies

1220 AD

Queen Wendy dies

1227 AD

King Bobby dies

1238 AD

Prince Fred dies

1243 AD

Queen Tina dies

1250 AD

Prince Paul

1300 AD