Immigration Reform and Control Acts


Old U.S. bills that no longer exist

The Neutralization Act

1790 - 1870

Citizenship is limited to White people. It is later extended.

The Page Act

1875 - 1882

The first restricted immigration law.

The Emergency Quota Act

1910 - 1921

Restricted yearly immigration to three percent of the U.S. poulation

The National Origins Formula

1924 - 1990

Total annual immigration was restricted to 150,000.

The Hart-Cellar Act

1965 - 1966

For the first and only time, Mexican immigration was outlawed.

The Cuban Refugee Adjustment

1966 - 1986

Allowed Cuban nationals in the U.S. citizenship during the Cuban Missile Crisis.


New U.S. bills that are still active

The Immigration Act

1882 - Present

Added 50 cents to taxes to help pay in order to fund immigration officials.

The Naturalization Act

1906 - Present

Began the naturalization procedures, made some knowledge of English a requirement for citizenship, and established the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization.

The Nationality Act

1940 - Present

Made immigrants residing in the U.S. mainland or territories eligible for citizenship.

The Immigration Reform Act

1990 - Present

Rose the limit of 150,000 immigrants to 700,000

The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act

2013 - Present

Immigrants are allowed to go through a new system called RPI to be legalized. A.K.A. S.744