Ending of the 1st World War


Violence and Crime


Why were the 1920's such a violent and crime-ridden time period?
There was a large movement for nativism by the KKK and this caused conflict between minorities. Also the prohibition caused the foundation of crime rings to supply the public with alcohol and this caused violence in the streets.



How did the automobile impact american society?

Created a vast new industry based on oil and steel. Allowed quick transport off of the rails. Trucks soon displaced the rails from their kingpin role of transportation. Roads had to be built employing more people. People began commuting to work.

Scopes Trial


Why did the scopes trial capture the interest of so many americans?

This was because he was trying to teach concepts of evolution as a sample given by his supervisor. He was taken to court, lost, but this caught the attention of many because it was broadcast on radio causing evolution to be taught in more schools.

Nativism Problems


Define "Nativism" as it pertains to US history in the 1920's. Account for its rise and identify at least three outcomes of Nativism in the 1920's?

Nativism was a rise of the Anglo-Saxon people of the U.S. against diversity and modernity. It began due to the increase of immigrants into the U.S. Roman Catholics were one of the groups trying to get into office and this was protested. Immigration act. Rise in support of the KKK due to a movie called the birth of a nation which resurrects the prestige of the KKK. Red Scare fear of communism. Sacco and Vanzetti

Literacy Test


There were thoughts to create a literacy test, but this was not passed

ACLU American Civil Liberties Union


ACLU was formed to protect american rights

Pop Culture


How would you describe the pop culture of the 1920's?

Jazz, Movies, Radio, Cigarets, Cars, Alcohol, Harlem renaissance. Influenced by modernism and immigrants and black people. Young people rebelling vs older generation.

Dispersal of the Homless, Hoovervilles


Hoover disperses veterans and squatters using military and is blamed for it. They settle in places in the government and these are called hoovervilles.

Great Depression


Created by the speculation of companies that eventually crashed due to a slump in sales. It was so large because everybody was interconnected through the companies and factories. 25% of people became unemployed, not including farmers.

14 Points for peace


14 Points for peace -> X-League of Nations

Hoovers response to depression


Did nothing

FDR The New Deal RRR


Deficit Spending


Spend money on anything that gives people jobs
Keynesian Economics

CCC Civilian Conservation Corp (Relief)


Employs people with government money to go out of the cities and work on parks roads bridges etc.




Return to normalcy nostalgia
Return to the gilded age
Laissez - faire
Foreign Policey returns to Neutrality
Less government regulation
Society returns to conservative values but with partying "Gatsby"
Tarriffs go through the roof

Fornedy - McCumber Tariff


Trying to block goods from recovering europe

Election of 1924


Republicans win

Election of 1928


Republican Hoover wins vs. Smith

Nativism and Immigration


Trying to only let in the northern eurpeans


Treaty of Versailles


The democratic liason managed the treaty but came back to a republican government who saw the treaty as taking away from the sovereignty of the US. BS because US has veto power in this agreement. To get people to support the treaty the wilson travels around the US to tell people the truth and has a stroke. The treaty never gets signed.

18th Amendment


Prohibition of alcoholic beverages causing the marginalized immigrants to form mobs.
Allows everybody access to alcohol and this empowers the women.

Election of 1920


Republican harding wins vs democratic cox
His arguments were return to normalcy
1. Nativism
2. Pro-Buisiness government
3. Isolationist Foreign Policy
4. Conservative social values
5. Rise fo the bolcheviks

Emergency Quota Act


Put a numerical limit on immigrants coming into the country based on the ethnic groups due to the influx of european immigrants.
3% of any nationality according to the 1910 census would be allowed in.

Immigration Act


2% of any nationality according to the 1890 census(excluded all Japanese)

1929 Election


Herbert Hoover wins and tries to mitigate the great depression. Banks were unregulated and the runs on the banks robbed people of their money.

Trickle Down Economics


The wealthy companies will employ people and the wealth will trickle down

Smoot - Hawley Tariff


Response by hoover to an economic crises was to put a 70% tariff on European good which was bad because those countries no longer wanted to import american goods.



Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Hoover injects money into corporations to try and create jobs for people without giving them charity.

Election of 1933


Roosevelt is elected and brings in the first 20th century government. The New Deal.

21st amendment repeals prohibition


prohibition is repealed by roosevelt

Emergency Banking Act (Relief)


People making runs on banks cause banks to fail and take all of peoples money. To stop this from happening, the banks were infused with federal money to keep people confident and keep their money in the bank.



F.D.I.C. (Reform)


Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Used to insure peoples money in select banks to prevent the loss of money by the people.

Beer and Wine Act (Recovery)


Repeals the prohibition with the 18th amendment

Glass Steagall Act (Reform)


Regulated banks to prevent them from making risky investment with other people and insured banks to help the people.

CWA Civil Works Administration


Provided temporary Jobs

Public Works Hoover Dam


Tries to provide jobs for people but does not address problems. Created by hoover to try and provide jobs through construction