World War One


Sinking of the Lusitainia

may 7 1915

The british ocean liner lusitainia is sunk by germans causing the american people and government to look down on the germans.

National Defense Act


Wilson believes that he should begin preparing for war and does so. he does not want to go to war however.

Sinking the Sussex

March 1916

Causes the americans to become more angry with the germans. To prevent the americans involvement in the war germans issue the Sussex Pledge to pacify the US. Sussex pledge "We will not sink vessels without giving warning"


Wilson begins modern foreign policy



1912 - 1920

Former College professor and govenernor
Son of presbyterian minister
Strongly opposed to war
Highly progressive
VP is william jennings bryan

German reasons


Germans sink ships to try and prevent the shipping of supplies from the US to the allies

US enters War Sub Warfare and Zimmerman Note


Germans resumed unrestricted submarine warfare believing that they could defeat europe before the americans come

The Zimmerman Note
Germans try and convince mexico to fight the US mexico refuses