Chapter 23

The Age of Nationalism 1850-1914




Socialism timeline

GB unions had the right to exist but not to strike

1824 - 1825

Eduard Bernstein- Germany

1850 - 1932

1889- Evolutionary Socialism
- Thought that some of the things that Marx had predicted were wrong and that Socialism should evolve to become more correct
- was denounced a heretic by the SPD and 2nd International

Jean Jaures- France

1859 - 1914
  • refused Revisionism in order to establish a unified socialistic party
  • but he remained a gradulist and optimistic secular humanist at heart

First International

1864 - 1876

Mark Played a key role and battled for control
-used its meetings as a means to spread his doctrines
-supported Paris commune as a necessary step towards revolution

failed because of
-Marx's fierce embrace of the middle class
-scared away more moderate supporters (ie moderate British labor leaders)

Phenomical growth of Socialistic parties after 1871


Formation of the Russian Social Democratic Party"


Created by the large population of Russian exiled in Switzerland

May Day

may 1, 1886

Second International

1889 - 1914

-had permanent executive and 3 year delegates from different parties that met to interperate Marxist docterines

Individual Socialistic Parties in different countries grew stronger


Helped cause the formation of the Second International

Evolutionary Socialism


By Eduard Bernstein

Various socialistic parties were unified by 1905


-Unified the french section of the Workers international among others
-Belgium and Austria-Hungrey had strong socalistic parties

SPD had 1 mil followers by 1912


SPD had 1 mil followers
SPD was largets political party in Reichstag
mostly working class people were members

Labor Union Timeline