Brianna Garner's Timeline


Shura's Birth


Anodyne gives birth to Shura in secrecy with Shura's father Lexus

Shura and Anodyne

03/02/2000 - 03/01/2008

Shura grows up with her mother Anodyne. Anodyne dies when Shura is 8 leaving her orphaned

Shura on her own

03/02/2008 - 03/01/2009

Shura lives in her mothers secret garden and resorts to thievery and pickpocketing to get by.

Shura and Yona

03/02/2009 - 03/01/2018

Shura befriends Yona. After some time Yona's family finds out about Shura being an orphane and adopts her. Shura stays with her new family until age 18 when fate brings her and Corbin together.


Corbins Birth


Corbins mother Elethea gives birth to him in their manor

Corbins Childhood

03/02/1922 - 03/01/1945

Corbin is an Angel and his aging process is different from humans. He grows up with his family and tries to win their approval as well as the approval of others. With his dark wings he's always been looked at differently. Despite being fairly successful, his older brother always outshines him and others still look at him differently.

Corbin at the Academy

03/01/1940 - 03/01/1965

Corbin trains and learns things at the Arch Academy so that he can fight the demons and seal their portals. While having rather outstanding marks he is still compared to his brother who was a prodigy.

Training in the Field

03/01/1955 - 03/01/1965

While in the Academy, Corbin trained in the Field of battle fighting demons. He trained from low ranking ones up to higher level demons.

Corbin out of the Academy

03/02/1965 - 03/01/1975

Corbin Graduates the academy and is a fully fledged angelic soldier. He helps to battle demons and seal portals until the day he becomes a fallen.

Corbin becomes a Fallen

03/02/1975 - 03/05/1975

Corbin was on a mission with his brother the day he fell. His brother witnessed it and took him back to their family where the decided to exile him in secrecy so their name wouldn't be shamed. They made up a story that he died valiantly and his body wasn't recovered. From there Corbin left never to return to his family.

Corbins life as a Fallen

03/06/1975 - 02/22/2018

Corbin lives as a traveler amongst humans, hiding the fact that he is a fallen. He does bounty hunting missions and other requests to make money. He enjoys his travels, but knows that it can't last forever. As a fallen he only had so much time left before his darkness would kill him. He didn't want to become a demon either, so he took up missions that he thought might lead him to some kind of cure.

Corbin's Death

02/23/2018 - 02/24/2018

Corbin finds a mission that hold promise. A demon has aquired an item that slows its need to consume souls. He hoped to face the demon and take the item thinking it might help him live longer, but the demon kills him. As his soul enters Limbo, Azra meats him and strikes him a deal. She will give him life again and his angel-hood back if he follows her orders.

Corbins Resurection

02/25/2018 - 03/01/2018

Corbin takes Azra's deal and she resurrects him. She tells him that he is to find 10 wings and return them to their owner. She tells him that he will also have to train them and help them on their journey. Azra said she would help him if she felt he needed it. As her first bit of help, she tells him that the demon he fought has one of the wings and is heading for another one in Aridia. Corbin sets off, more than happy for a rematch with the demon that killed him, as well as hope for a future.


Lucians Creation


The Creator makes Lucian

Lucian Serves the Creator

03/02/1800 - 03/01/1825

Lucian serves the creator as one of the head angels. The creator consults Lucian on many matters. Lucian was very gifted and held a place of great honor.

Lucian's deceit

03/02/1825 - 03/01/1830

The Creator decides to make a reality that is of both light and dark. Lucian speaks out against this saying it should only be of light, but the Creator dismisses him and creates reality as He/She sees fit. Lucian is furious and decides that he would make a better God. Lucian sews deceit amongst some of the other angels and they try to rise up against the Creator.

Lucian's Fall

03/02/1830 - 03/08/1830

Lucian is defeated by the Creator and the Creator casts him down to hell as punishment, the one place that Lucian hates the most.

Lucian's escape

03/09/1830 - 03/01/1850

Lucian plots to destroy the realities and take the creators place. He finds a way to connect the earthen and hell realms and makes his way to the earth.

Lucian's portals

03/02/1850 - 03/01/1860

Lucian opens portals to hell across the earth, distorting the lines of reality which slowly tips the balance the creator had made. The earth slowly starts to dicintigrate and become floating continents.

Lucian arrives on earth


Lucian crosses from hell over to earth

Lucian as and Arch

03/02/1860 - 01/02/2019

Lucian disguises himself as an angel and becomes one of the Arch's so that he can hide right under their noses as well as gain more info and stay one step ahead of the angels. While he is an arch he also tries to gain followers.

Corbin's Brother


Lucian converts Corbin's brother over to his side, promising him a better reality.

Lexus's capture


Corbins Brother captures Lexus and brings him to the Arch's for judgement. Lucian allows him to live seeing the potential to manipulate him in the future.

Lucian and Lexus

03/01/2006 - 11/30/2018

Lucian persuades Lexus to join him and take the blame for the portals. If he did that Lucian promised that the new world would be one where Lexus could be with his family. Lucian prayed on the fact that Anodyne was sickly and not long for the world and that even his child would have no future with the world in the state it was.


Azra travels to beggining of creation


Azra travels through time to the beginning of Creation in order to meet Lucian and gain his trust for when he tries recruiting angels in his rebellion against the Creator.

Soul Reaping

03/01/1800 - 02/23/2018

Azra learns how to use the full extent of her powers. She does her duties as an angel which don't just include stopping Lucian. She goes around helping souls in Limbo pass over.

Azra watches over Corbin

03/01/1922 - 02/23/2018

Main story

Lucian and Azra


Azra goes to Lucian saying she wants to help him create his new reality; that she grows tired of being in limbo and can see that the world is past salvation. She claims that she wants to join him in his plot and she has a way to get him what he wants. Lucian accepts her as one of his pawns.

Azra and Lucian


Azra deceives Lucian into beleiving she is on his side. She tells him that if he can get all the wings back to a certain Nephilim (Shura) and kill her, he will be able to open the heavenly realm. She even offers to find a "pawn" for him so others won't become suspicious of him.

Corbin meats Shura

03/02/2018 - 03/04/2018

Corbin arrives at Aridea in search of the wing as well as the Demon that Azra told him would be there. This is when he meats Shura, who misunderstands his intentions thinking he was trying to steal one of the town guardian stones. Deomons attack the city and Shura uses the wing in an attempt to save Yona with it. Shura is the wings owner whom Corbin was also trying to find and Azra convinces him to take her on his journey.

Shura's call to destiny

03/02/2018 - 03/03/2018

Shura meets Corbin who is looking for wing fragments and their owner. He is targeting one of the towns guardian stone. Soon after meeting him her city is attacked by demons and Yona's is cursed by one of them. She faces the Demon to save Yona and the wing accepts her. The Demon still escapes. Corbin tries to explain that he can help but she doesn't believe him. He eventually convinces her and she joins Corbin in his journey in hopes of saving Yona, but only for that reason.

Corbins shared contract

03/02/2018 - 10/29/2018

To help convince Shura to come with him he asks Azra if he can share his contract with Yona. Azra says it's possible but Yona won't last long and they'd have to defeat Lexua before the contract expires on her. This would put a strain on Corbin's body and soul that would gradually worsen, but wouldn't get in the way of the Plan. Corbin maintains both his and Yona's contract.

Azra maintains the bonded contract

03/02/2018 - 10/29/2018

Azra keeps check on the bonded contract and watches over Yona, keeping Corbin updated on her condition.

Teaching and Training

03/04/2018 - 05/07/2018

Corbin has to look after Shura, otherwise his deal will be broken and he will die. At the same time he has to prepare Shura for whatever Azra has in store for her. During this time he is more concerned with training her than finding wings or Yona, believing that Shura needs to learn how to use her powers before gaining more wings.

Shura's Search1

03/04/2018 - 03/31/2018

Shura and Corbin travel together and Corbin teaches her how to fight and use her powers. Shura wants to become stronger so she can face the demon. They are still trying to catch the demon that cursed Yona

Second Wing

04/01/2018 - 04/03/2018

Shura is fed up with training and wants to hurry up and defeat the demon and get Yona's soul back. She leaves Corbin to try and find it but gets attacked by a horde of demons. Corbin comes to save her and they find a wing at the same time.

Shura's Search2

04/04/2018 - 05/07/2018

Shura and Corbin continue their journey and Shura's getting better at using her powers. Corbin teaches her how to fly so they can go other continents.


04/08/2018 - 01/01/2019

Azra tells Lucian that the wings will not accept Shura unless she proves herself worthy of them. Lucian creates circumstances that make it to where Shura can earn her wings.

Second wing acceptance


Shura's earns her second wing

Azra's hint 1


Azra tells Corbin where they can find the third wing

Third Wing

05/07/2018 - 05/08/2018

Shura and Corbin get the third wing and Azra explains how Shura must earn them. Shortly after Shura earns her third wing.

Corbin's search

05/08/2018 - 12/31/2018

Corbin continues to help Shura

Shura's Search3

05/09/2018 - 12/31/2018

Shura and Corbin's journey is nearing its end and they prepeare to face Lucian

Forth wing accepted


Shura and Corbin find the forth wing and it accepts her.

Fifth Wings acceptance


Azra's hint2


Azra tells Corbin where sixth wing is

Sixth wings acceptance


Azra's Hint 3


Corbin defeats his Brother


After event's prior where Corbin found out his brother what actually conspiring to help destroy reality, he must face him and inevitably kill him.

seventh wing acceptance


Corbin and Shura defeat his brother and gain the seventh wing

Father and Daughter


Shura discovers the demon that stole Yona's soul was her father

Shura defeats Lexus


Shura Defeats Lexus and save Yona. Eventually she decides to go on with her journey to save Corbin and the rest of reality. She gets back the wing from Lexus and it accepts her.

Yona's saved


With Lexus gone Yona is saved. Shura tries to go back to her old life, but realizes that with the world in the condition its in that there wont be much to go back to. She decides to seek out Lucian.

Ninth wing acceptance


Shura's Death

01/01/2019 - 01/02/2019

Shura faces Lucian and is willing to die by the sacrificial blade that has her last wing in it. That way, Corbin will live and she can fulfill her destiny. She is killed and ascends to heavens gates where she hopes to convince the creator to help their world.

Lucian's Defeat


Lucian is Defeated by Azra

Azra Defeats Lucian

01/01/2019 - 01/02/2019

Azra defeats Lucian and finds a way to repair the realities

Corbin discoverers who Azra is


When Corbin found out that Azra's plan was actually to kill Shura all along he felt betrayed by her. Once the realities start to merge and Azra is able to come onto the same plain as Corbin she reveals herself to him and explains why she did what she did. At first he almost leaves her, but comes back.

Azra tells Corbin who she is


Lucian kills Shura


Lucian kills Shura with with the Nephbane Blade that contains the last of Shura's wings.

New name and purpose

01/01/2019 - 01/02/2019

Shura becomes an angel and meets the creator and speaks with Him/Her. Creator explains that he/she has given her the power to save the realities, all she has to do is follow his/her Plan. The creator would help Shura fully realize her powers which were limited by her mortal body. She would go back to the beginning of time and become the angel of souls, Azra. She would only be able to exist in the spirit realms, but this would make time traveling easier since the spirit realms aren't as solidly bound by space or time. There she would gain Lucian's trust and make him think that she had been turned to his side. She would offer him a way into heaven. From there she would go and save Corbin and guide him towards his and Shura's destiny. Once Shura dies, the realities will blur and Azra will be able to face Lucian.