Olympic Athletes


Jasey Jay- Wyatt

April 17, 1975
  1. He has 8 hobbies. They are canoeing, hiking, kayaking, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, surfing, snowshoeing, and painting
  2. He began snowboarding at age 13.
  3. His most memorable achievement was when he won a gold medal at the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver.
  4. His hero was two Canadian snowboarders Mark Fawcett and Brett Carpentier.

Jeremy Abbott-Nora

June 5, 1983
  1. Jeremy is 28 years old.
    1. His hobbies are snowboarding reading cooking, dancing, and riding unicycles.
  2. He was born in United States in Aspen.
  3. Jeremy competed in the Vancouver Olympics in 2010.
  4. His older sister Gwen is a former Alpine skier.
    1. Jeremy's hero is Dan Jansen.
  5. His motto is "With a nation behindus and with the world before us, within us all,amazing awaits."
  6. Jeremy plans to retire after the 2014 Olympics.
  7. He had a stress fracture in his lower back in 2003.
  8. Jeremy tried skating at age 2 and started competing at age 4.
  9. He got inspired by watching the British champion Robin Cousins.
  10. Jeremy trains 21 hours a week in the low season and 20 hours a week in the high season.
  11. He trains in Bloomfield Hills in Michigan.
    1. Jeremy is 5 feet and 9 inches.

Maximilian ARNDT Ben B.

July 23, 1987

1.In October he suffered torn ligaments in his ankle.
2.He started as a luge slider.
3.One of his hobbie is,motercycle riding.
4.He does bobsleigh fore Germany.

Nicholas Alexander- Brandon

24 August 1988
  1. He took up ski jumping at age 10 in Lebanon, NH,United States . 2.his hobbies are listening to music, photography,aviation, and nutrition.3.He speaks English.4. Right now he lives in the United States.5.His weight is kg64/ 141bls.

Patrick Kane - Ben V.

Nov. 19, 1988
  1. Two of his hobbies is to play basketball and he watches football. 2. The last time he was in the Olympics was Vancouver 2010 and he won silver. 3. One of his hockey idols growing up was the Buffalo Sabres player Alex Mogilny. 4. He writes his New York area code 716 on the bottom of his sticks near the blade for good luck. 5. In 2013 he won the Stanley Cup with the Bkackhawks and won the Conn Smythe Trophy as the playoffs MVP. 6. He started playing hockey as a child in Buffalo, New York. 7. He was interested in hockey because his parents loved the sport. 8. One of his goals are to win gold after winning silver in 2010. 9. His dad calls him Buzz because he used to have a buzz haircut. 10. His father Pat Sr. was very influential in his development, taking him to his trainings and games. 11. In 2008, he won the Calder Memorial Trophy for rookie of the year.

Eduardo Alvarez-Micah

January 30 1990
  1. His nicknames are Eddy and Eddy the jet.
  2. His hobbies are playing the guitar.
  3. He also played basketball and baseball in college. 4.He dose short track in skating.
  4. He experienced knee problems for two years.
  5. His hero is US short track skater JR Celski
  6. He trains six day a week during the season.
  7. His ambitions is to win an Olympic medal.
  8. His height is 5'9.
  9. His speaks English and Spanish
  10. He competed in the world cup and world championship.

Forough Abbasi - Nora

September 15, 1993
  1. She competes in Alpine Skiing.
  2. Forough also competes in cycling!
  3. She was born in Iran, Shiraz.

Katharina ALTHAUS - Morgan

may 23 1996
  1. She does ski jumping and she started in 2002.
  2. She has two hobbies and they are skiing and making music.
  3. Her heros are a swiss ski jumper Simon Amman and a German ski jumper Ulrike Grassler.