Linus Pauling

World Events

Wright Brothers first flight

December 17, 1903

Orville and Wilbur Wright make the first successful airplane flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. 14

World War I

July 28, 1914 - November 11, 1918

A Global War centered in Europe. Left the world in quote on quote shambles changing the whole political dynamic of Europe. 14

Theory of Relativity


Theory was by the well known, Albert Einstein. 14

Wall St bomb explodes

September 16 1920

The bomb was in a horse drawn buggy which was loaded with about a hundred pounds of dynamite and five-hundred pounds of cast iron slugs as projectiles.

Mickey Mouse


This was the first appearance of Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse, it occurred in a silent cartoon title Plane Crazy. 14

Golden Gate Bridge

January 5, 1933

Construction began on what was to be the longest bridge in the world at thirty-five million dollars it was the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. 14

World War II

1939 - 1945

The most widespread war in history. Marked another global change that would forever change the world. 14

First up Mt. Everest

may 29 1953

Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay are the first known people to have climbed Mt. Everest. 14

First American in space


Alan Shepard was the first American in space. The first person in space was Yuri Gagarin from the Soviet Union. 14

Apollo 15

July 30 1971

Apollo 15 lands on the moon being the first Lunar Rover. 14

Pope John Paul II shoot

May 13 1981

The current Pope at the time, John Paul II was shoot. 14

USS VIncennes

july 3 1988

The USS Vincennes shoots down the Iranian Airbus 665 killing 290 civilians.

Dolly the sheep

July 5 1996

Dolly the sheep is born becoming the first cloned mammal in history. 14

Main Timeline

Born in Portland, Oregon

February 28 1901

Family lives in Oswego

1902 - 1905

In order to have more living conditions for his family, they had to move to Oswego. Oswego had cheaper rent and his father, Herman was able to open his own drugstore.

Family moves to Condon, Oregon


The business environment in Oswego leading to his father moving the family to Condon with hopes of being able to provide.

Herman Pauling dies

June 11, 1910

With the death of his father, his mother had to manage him and his two sisters along with manage a Portland boarding house.

Intrest of chemistry starts


A friend (Lloyd A. Jeffress) shows him a chemical experiment initiating his fascination with chemistry.

High School

September 1914 - June 1917

He did not have enough history credits to graduate and decides to leave school in June without a diploma.

Palmon Laboratories


He and he friend Lloyd Simon were able to scavenging equipment and material from an old and abandoned steel plant to set up Palmon Laboratories. The set up operation in Simons basement for performing butterfat samplings at cheap prices. The business eventually ended up a failure.

Oregon Agricultural College

September 1917

Enter OAC, now Oregon State University to study chemical engineering


1922 - 1960

After Graduating, he reamains at Caltech for 38 years.

Teaches Courses


As a senior, he teaches a course in "Chemistry for home Economics Majors"

Meets his too be Wife


While teaching a course in college he meets a student, Ava Helen Miller who would later become his wife.

Graduates from OAC

May 1922

Graduated with a B.S. in chemical engineering

First Scientific paper


The paper was on the crystal structure of molybdenite

California Institute of Technology


Graduated summa cum laude from C.I.T. with a Ph.D. in chemistry.

Friendship with Robert Oppenheimer

1929 - 1933

The two men planned a joint attack on teh nature of the chemical bond

Langmuir Prize


Awarded for the most significant work in pure science by a person under thirty. Awarded from the American Chemical Society.

"Most Important Paper"


He published what he regarded as his most important paper which laid the concept of hybridization of atomic orbitals and analyzed the tetra-valency of the carbon atom.

National Academy of Sciences


He is elected the youngest member ever to the National Academy of Sciences.

The Nature of the Chemical Bond


This is considered one of the most influential scientific books ever and is published by Cornell University Press

Work on the Nation Defense Research Commission

1942 - 1945

Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists


Albert Einstein invites Pauling to become a member of the commitee

Presidential Medal of Merit


The Presidential Medal of Merit of the United States by Harry S. Truman

President of the American Chemical Society


He was elected to be the president of the American Chemical Society

Nobel Prize in Chemistry


Receives this Prize for his research into the nature of the chemical bond and its applications to the elucidation of the structure of complex substances.

Research into mental illness

1956 - 1957

He directed research into a personal interest he had in mental illness

Petition to end Nuclear Bomb Testing

January 15 1962

Pauling and his wife present to UN Secretary, General Dag-Hammarskjold the petition to end nuclear bomb testing with over 11,000 signatures from other scientists.

Changes intrest to vitamin C


He redirect his interest into vitamins, micronutrients, and orthomolecular medicine by responding to a letter from vitamin C advocate Irwin Stone.

Institute of Orthomolecular Medicine


He founds with Arthur B. Robinson and Keene Dimick the Institue of Orthomolecular Medicine as a non profit. This later becomes the Linus Pauling Instittue of Science & Medicine.

Publishes Cancer and Vitamin C


Wrote it with co-author Ewan Cameron.

Publishes How to Live Longer and Feel Better


Pauling Dies

August 19 1994

He dies at his California ranch. Leaving more than 400,00 journals, scientific writings, appears, models, and other scientific memorabilia to his undergraduate alma mater, Oregon State University. This collection makes up one of the great scientific archives of the twentieth century

Post Death

Balz Frei

1996 - Present

Dr. Frei assumes directorship of the Linus Pauling Institute.

Linus Pauling Institute


The Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine moves to Oregon State University and becomes the Linus Pauling Institute.

Ava Helen Pauling Chair


Inauguration of "The Linus Pauling Institute Prize for Health Research" at the "Diet and Optimum Health" conference in Portland to celebrate the centennial of Linus Pauling's birth; the Ava Helen Pauling Chair is established at the Institute.

Linus Pauling Science Center


The center opens at Oregon State University