The Gilded Age

Gilded (Cheap crap coated in pretty stuff)


Basis of the gilded age


The gilded age is the modernization of america where people were poverty stricken and there was a lack of population.


Issues: Like china
Poor labour
Bad treatment
Child labour
Health and sanitation
"Human Rights"


Robber Barons


Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Stanford, Morgan, Fisk

Crédit Mobilier

1866 - 1869

Crédit Mobilier uses subsidies from the government to build railroads with central pacific and pads it own pockets with about half of the money which it then uses to pay off other politicians. The congress chose Credit Mobilier because they had shares in it and therefore profited on the stock.

Election of 1876


Election 1880


James A. Garfield Republican, vs. Winfield Scott Hancock Democrat
Garfield wins by a small margin

James Garfield Assassinated


Charles J. Guiteau shoots garfield in an attempt to get a job from his vice president.
This was caused by the winning partys giving spoils/jobs to their favorites amd so the pendleton act of 1883 was created to prevent the politicians from abusing their power in this way. This is the first act against corruption and causes politicians to look more closely between the relationships between them and the corporations.



Set to protect industry supported by republicans
Hated by people buying from outside sources the democrats
Ceased when income taxes were implemented



Economic crisis creates political change

Election of 1884


Blaine vs. Cleveland
Trying to look like the most sanctimonious.
Blaine was caught being corrupt and cleveland was scandalized about his childhood.

The Farmers Alliance start of the populists


The farmers create coops and this in turn creates the peoples party formed by farmers and industrial workers. They go off on their own because they are mad at democratic president cleveland. When they form they tear support from the democratic party thereby putting the republicans into power. Their spokesman is William Jennings Bryan who loses the presidency 3 times.

Sherman Silver Purchase Act Repealed


Act allows people to change silver to gold from the reserve. To prevent this from ruining the credit of the U.S. he borrows from the corporations.

1896 Elections


Democrats nominate William Jennings Bryan from the populist party in order to bring the two together.


Pendleton Act


Made compulsory campaign contributions from federal employees illeagal and made federal job appointments based on competetive examinations instead of influence.

Blaine - Cleveland Mudslingers


Republican James G. Blaine is found to have written mulligan letters to a business man in boston linking him to a corrupt deal. The documents say burn this but somehow got out. The democrat grover cleveland was slandered by his ilicit affair with a buffalo widow and had an 8 year old son. He won back favors by telling the truth.