Aarons Tudor Timeline


The Tudors

Henry VII

1458 - 1509

Henry VII (Henry Tudor) was crowned King after beating Richard III at bosworth field in 1458

Henry VIII

1509 - 1547

■Age 18-56
■Second son of Henry VII
■Born: 28 June 1491 at Greenwich Palace
■Parents: Henry VII and Elizabeth of York
■Ascended to the throne: 21 April 1509 aged 17 years
■Crowned: 24 June 1509 at Westminster Abbey
(1) Catherine of Aragon 1509-1533 Divorced
(2) Anne Boleyn 1533-1536 Beheaded
(3) Jane Seymour 1536-1537 Died
(4) Anne of Cleves 1540 Divorced
(5) Catherine Howard 1540-1542 Beheaded
(6) Catherine Parr 1543-1547 Survived
■Children: Three legitimate who survived infancy; Mary, Elizabeth and Edward, and at least one illegitimate child Henry Fitzroy.
■Died: 28 January 1547 at Whitehall Palace, London, aged 55 years
■Buried at: Windsor
■Succeeded by: his son Edward VI

Henry succeeded to the throne because his elder brother Arthur died in 1502. His first wife, Catherine of Aragon, was Arthur's wife.

The best known fact about Henry VIII is that he had six wives!

Henry argued with the Pope and made himself the head of the new 'Church of England'.

Most school children learn the following rhyme to help them remember the fate of each wife: "Divorced, Beheaded, Died: Divorced, Beheaded, Survived".

Edward VI

1547 - 1553

•Age 9-15
•Born: 12 October 1537 at Hampton Court
•Parents: Henry VIII and Jane Seymour
•Ascended to the throne: 28 January 1547 aged 9 years
•Crowned: 19 February 1547 at Westminster Abbey
•Married: Never Married
•Children: None
•Died: 6 July 1553 at Greenwich Palace
•Buried at: Westminster
•Succeeded by: his half sister Mary

Edward reigned under the protection of his uncle, the Duke of Somerset.
Edward was never a healthy King and died aged only 15 years.

Mary 1

1553 - 1558

•Age 37-42
•Born: 8 February 1516 at Greenwich Palace
•Parents: Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon
•Ascended to the throne: 19 July 1553 aged 37 years
•Crowned: 1 October 1553 at Westminster Abbey
•Married: Philip II of Spain
•Children: None
•Died: November 17, 1558 at St James Palace, London, aged 42 years
•Buried at: Westminster
•Succeeded by: her half sister Elizabeth

Her nickname was Bloody Mary because of the huge numbers of people she murdered to return England from its Protestant regime back to the Catholic faith.

Elizebeth 1

1558 - 1603

Age 25-69
•Born: 7 September 1533 at Greenwich Palace
•Parents: Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
•Ascended to the throne: 17 November 1558 aged 25 years
•Crowned: 15 January 1559 at Westminster Abbey
•Married: Never Married
•Children: None
•Died: 24 March 1603 at Richmond Palace, Surrey, aged 69 years
•Buried at: Westminster
•Succeeded by: her 3rd cousin James of Scotland

During her reign great adventurers discovered many new lands. Fought off the Spanish Armada.

Named James VI of Scotland her heir, uniting the two countries Scotland and England.

Significant people

William Shakespear

1564 - 1616

Sir Francis drake


Thamas Cromwell