Civil War 1861 - 1865


Lincoln vs. McClellan


The copperheads run a smear campaign against lincoln and nearly one but due to shermans success lincoln wins by a small margin.

Black codes


There are laws to control the blacks such as no right to gather, go out at night, if no work must work. These are from the southern states. Looks like the southerners are reinstating slavery angering the northerners

Freedman's Bureau Bill


The freed slave get 40 acres each and a mule

Radicals control Congress


Radicals believe in the equality of african americas and with 2/3 of congress could go over the presidents head. Create the 14th and 15th amendment and require the south to ratify these to join the union.

Civil Rights Bill


Citizenship for the slaves

Andrew Johnson vetoes the Freedman's Bureau

feb 1866

Jim Crow Laws



Disenfrachisation of the blacks right to vote
Poll Tax
Grandfather Clause
Literacy Test

Booker T. Washington vs. W.E.B Dubois


1877 -1896 Washington was a black slave went to wayland penitentiary and then founded a college. Becomes a spokesman for the african american community. Philosophy was to go slow "Gradualism" and "Accomodationism = accept the fact that you are secondary citizens" wants the slaves must focus on self improvement that will win over white america.

1896 + W.E.B DuBois went to harvard and was the first black man to graduate. Really smart. Takes up the mantel from washington and tells the black community to agitate. He creates a newspaper called The Crisis which shows his views on the rights of black america. He uses it to report the different actions towards blacks around america. Founds the NAACP to advocate for rights. He is not able to reach the black community but he sets the foundation for future actions. He moves to Ghana after giving up.

Compromise of 1877


Democrats and Republicans meet to settle who gets into the presidency. The democrats agree to allow rutherford to take the presidency, but the military occupation of the south ceases.

Crop-Lien System and Sharecropping


You work on someone elses land and give them half the crops you grow
You rent land and get seed and grow food and then you have to pay back the owners.

These two systems keep the blacks in the south on economic dependency

1877 Compromise


Plessy vs. Ferguson


Separate but equal does not infringe upon the 14th amendment.