Dion Getz



June 10, 1920

Dion was born Donnald Travis to a single mother or mixed nationality Somewhere in New Jersey


1926 - 1938

Dion was a trouble maker in school. He conned kids out of money, had multiple girlfriends, and was generally more interested in extracurricular than getting a good education. He still graduated, though in the bottom half of his class.

Served in the Armed Forces as a Sniper

1938 - 1948

Dion went into the army, and quickly picked up skills with guns. Hunting as a kid was never as exciting as what he was learning. He quickly earned sevearl medals for being an exemplary shot, and joined a group of snipers that secretly worked on the Russian front. After World War II was over, he moved back to New Jersey where he taught at a military academy, teaching ranged combat tactics to new recruits.

During his time in the army, he was very active with the USO, and was known for throwing amazing parties. He quickly got the nickname "getz" because he could literally get anything you needed during war time. He was also known for being quite the ladies man, maintaining relationships with several women both over sees, and in the armed forces.

Joined the Army

May 5, 1938

Emersion in New culture

2003 - 2013

It was a shock at first, but didn't take long for Dion to integrate into the new world. Every new gadget he saw as a tool to build around him.

He quickly amassed a small fortune and started building clubs and hosting parties all over the United States, but mostly Michigan.

He was known for getting what you needed, and taking care of any desires you had. He can be found at his favorite Club in Detroit, Club Nyse, where they say all your dreams can be made reality... for a price

Getting caught up in the mob


In 2005, Dion was asked to run drugs from Detroit to Texas. He grudgingly agreed, but almost got caught half way because the van they had rented got a flat tire.

Since then he's been a middle man for the mafia, peddling drugs to anyone who will buy them from him.

During this time he also started a prostitution ring, which slowly spiralled into the sex trade and human trafficking circuit. His club Nyse, is known in the correct circles for being heavy in prostitution, and also a stopping point for human trafficking.



April 15, 1950 - August 11, 2003

After being set up with a blind date, the woman he was supposed to meet seemed different. The date lated longer than expected, and when he attempted to leave the resturaunt, there were no exits. The next half century was nothing but bad date after bad date for him as the Lover bombarded him with what he would later refer to as "The pipe bombs of his romantic life"

Escaped Arcadia

August 11, 2003

After a half century of bad dates, Dion escaped Arcadia after faking food poisoning and insisting he needed to check to make sure he didn't leave the oven on in his apartment. He escaped and landed somewhere in the Hedge near downtown Detroit. Upon exiting he was amazed by the new world he'd missed out on and was taken back by the changes.

Character Ties

Met Maggie

June 2012

Met Maggie (as played by Jenny Gagne) possible love interest.