London Is Drowning

1977 - 1979

Taking Precautions


Rumors of Voldemort's plans to challenge Dumbledore for the fate of the Wizarding World reach his inner circle. Fearing the worst, Rodolphus Lestrange calls a select group together and begins making contingency plans.

The Fall Of Two Giants


Voldemort officially challenges Dumbledore to a duel at Hogwarts to determine the war's victor once and for all. When the smoke clears hours later, both leaders are found to have fallen during the battle. The war comes to a standstill but for groups of "rogue" Death Eaters going on the occasional raid.

The Turning Point


The fragile peace comes to an end when a well respected and loved member of the Wizengamot is kidnapped from a Ministry Event by a mentally unbalanced muggleborn, causing distrust between purebloods and muggleborns to come to an all time high.

Propaganda Crusade


After several smear campaigns maligning muggleborns have begun to change public opinion, another bomb is dropped outing Voldemort as a muggle-raised halfblood and claiming those from muggle backgrounds cannot be trusted.

MRA Enacted


A new bill called the Muggleborn Registration Act is proposed and passed in the Wizengamot, requiring all muggleborns to register with the Ministry's Heritage Council in order to keep better track of "potential security threats" for the good of Wizarding Society.

The Diagon Alley Riot


What is meant to be a peaceful protest in defense of muggleborn rights becomes what will be remembered for years after as The Diagon Alley Riot when five grown muggleborns attacked three purebloods still of schooling age without provocation. Things escalate quickly from there, eventually culminating in a trial several months later that would lead to all five men being kissed.

Lindsay's Got A Gun


The last Wizengamot session before the holiday season is interrupted by a gun-toting Lindsay Tyler, who is driven mad by grief after her boyfriend was sentenced to the kiss for his part in the Diagon Riots earlier that week. In her grief she opens fire and kills seven elders, prompting the Great Ministry Purge of 79.

The Great Ministry Purge


Fearing further violence from unknown muggle weapons should any disgruntled muggleborns find a sympathetic enough insider in the Ministry's ranks, the current Minister for Magic elects to elects to cull all personnel with muggle parentage from the Ministry payroll and ward the building against muggleborns entirely.

The Resistance Forms


Muggleborns unhappy with the political climate begin to ban together, forming what will eventually become known as the first ever version of the Resistance.

One Or None Causes Revolt


The Resistance continues to grow slowly but steadily, prompting lawmakers to pass the One Or None Act - a bill that strictly governed who wands could be sold to by demanding at least one parent accompanying children to buy their first wand be a witch or wizard. The move would see hostility between the various camps to rise to record heights.

Violence On The Rise


Confrontations between different groups with varying political leanings begin to turn violent. The Resistance becomes an active part in increasing the hype by encouraging the use of spellfire against any they would consider in opposition to muggleborn liberation.

1980 - 1984

The Great Divide Begins


Certain businesses elect to begin turning away muggleborn customers, going so far as to follow the Ministry's example and ward the buildings in which they reside against muggleborns. It is the start of what will become known as the Great Divide.

The Chasm Widens


The Resistance begins targeting the homes and businesses of those they believe to trying to oppress those of muggle parentage, causing the chasm between the Old Guard and the Resistance's Freedom Fighters to grow wider still.

MSA Goes Into Effect


Those happy with the status quo their world has held for centuries begin to rally back. Rodolphus and his followers go on the move, bringing their most controversial piece of legislation before the Wizengamot yet. Known as the Muggleborn Segregation Act, the bill would restrict the movements of muggleborns to only certain areas in order to curtail further attacks. It passes by a very small margin.

Signed In Blood


The Elder responsible for putting forth the Muggleborn Segregation Act for consideration on the Wizengamot floor and all three of the Elders who acted as the sponsors needed to put it to vote are assassinated in broad daylight by a member of the Resistance. The head of the DMLE, taking this as a declaration of war by a terrorist group, begins leading a crackdown on anyone associated with the group.

A Crackdown Yields Results

06/13/80 - 03/27/1981

The criminal trials for those involved in the Resistance begin in the middle of June and do not end until nearly a year later as name after name is revealed. Many of those named go to ground before they can be captured, eventually leading to the town of Freemage being founded.

Enter Royale


What is left of the Resistance is taken over and rallied by a new leader with new ideals. Organization and secrecy are emphasized above all else; and when the wizard known as Royale and his two Commanders get their house in order, recruitment begins in subtle earnest. From there on out, all members are known to each other only by codenames, and information becomes something given out on a need to know basis only.

A Destructive Wake Up Call


After years of silence, a new Resistance makes its debut by blowing up the National Stadium located in Godric's Hollow during the Quarter Final Match of the European Quidditch Open between Britain and Spain. The death toll after the attack numbers thirteen - eleven adults and two children - and countless more are injured to varying degrees escaping the fire and subsequent collapse of the structure.

Retaliation Plans Get Underway


Having gathered the information necessary to retaliate, Rodolphus Lestrange and his followers begin mobilizing to carry out a plan that will surely end in bloodshed.