US History Timeline Example


World War One

Aug 26, 1914 - Nov 11, 1918

World War Two

Sept 30, 1939 - Aug 14, 1945

The Second World War started when Germany invaded Poland in 1939

Vietnam War

Aug 5, 1965 - Aug 10, 1975

Social Change

Social change in American history...

Progressive Movement

03/12/1880 - 04/17/1918

The Progressive was a time in American history where..

Great Migration

09/17/1900 - 10/10/1925

Why People Move


1820 - 1920

Westward Expansion

1848 - 1917

Westward expansion was a time in American history where people moved out west to unite the country coast to coast. People moved west for a variety of reasons including Manifest Destiny (the belief that it was the God-given right for Americans to control the country), opportunities, jobs, and land. Many different events shaped westward expansion including the Gold Rush and the Homestead Act. The railroad helped move people out west and it also allowed access to the abundant natural resources which were then shipped to cities in the east helping nurture the industrial revolution. As a result of this expansion, Native American tribes were eliminated or placed on reservations, natural resources were destroyed (specifically the buffalo), but the economy saw significant growth, and the west became a major player in the future of America having some of its major cities and sources of industry.