Born in Safed (modern day Israel)


07/10/1589 - 03/1/1600

Arranged Marriage to a local Baker, bore him 7 children only 4 of which survived (3 boys and 1 girl).

Of the Blood



Her family destroyed in the destruction of Safed and bleeding to death herself she was found and embraced by Tariq.


3/2/1600 - 3/3/1650

Serving as her Sire's Apprentice for 50 years and a day. First meeting with elder broodmate, Achilles.


8/21/1652 - 12/3/1654

Returned to Safed and found her sister's family. She spoke to them and an agreement was reached that she would watch over their descendants for so long as she lived. Always two of them would attend to domestic matters for her and provide the comfort of family.

Middle East and Europe

3/4/1655 - 4/1/1949

Served the Children as a Judge near to the homeland.

Contract - Eirik

12/30/1665 - 5/5/1700

Contracted to aid Eirik Alexson against Sabbat across Europe. Arranged to be contracted on retainer in future.

House Hellgate

1/5/1726 - 12/3/1740

Has a long discussion with Achilles about life, unlife, and the purpose of the Children of Haqim. The two agree to unite together to further the goals of the house.
The House vows to always serve the Mountain when it has need of them. Otherwise, they will serve Haqim’s Law above all else.

Embraced Amar

1/1/1750 - 12/1/1800

Found Amar in Bombay, India; embraced and trained him.


1/2/1800 - 4/20/1850

Torpor at the Mountain

Adversary - Viktor Cantemir


Engaged a Fire Witch (Cam-Tremere) to save a younger clanmate. Stalemate. Paid a boon to secure safe exit from Tower's lands in Vienna.

Mentor - Atlas

4/1/1860 - 7/3/1864

Atlas discusses Vengeance with Elisheva, helping her come to terms with her desire to kill radical Muslims, that is in conflict with Haqim's law.

Contract - Archer Thorne


Political assassination for Archer Thorne (Cam Tor). Targets: 5 Brujah Musicians.

Contract - Adam Shen


Contracted to explain to Ravnos Adem Shen the error of his ways. Executed in Turkey by leaving Adem wounded and buried in Southern desert.

Contract - Taj Makere

6/12/1912 - 10/1/1919

Contracted to protect Taj Makere (Cam Nos) during travel due to mortal conflict. Contract extended for duration of stay in Morocco with options for hazard duty with appropriate compensation.

Contract - Lazuli

3/20/1923 - 12/30/1925

Contracted to to assist in finding X (Ind Rav, Childe of Lazuli), who was in Torpor.

Family Recon Tremere

03/5/1932 - 10/23/1935

Took Melek Yilmaz (House Hellgate) on recon mission for a rumored Tremere Chantry in Israel.

Contract - Bastien

11/20/1945 - 12/01/1945

Execution contract on Brujah of 6th Generation. (Bastien's Sire)


5/1/1949 - 03/01/2015

Moved to American soil and began exploring the new area that had fewer (and younger) Camarilla Elders combating the Sabbat and the Anarchs.

Adversary - Margareta Sasul


Margareta, a Tremere, assisted Elisheva in attaining Recognition from the Prince of San Juan, Puerto Rico in exchange for a Minor Boon. The two have decided that the other is good enough at what they do that killing them is too much trouble....for the time being.

Status - San Juan, PR


Recognized by Prince Lucien of San Juan, Puerto Rico

Contract - *Redacted*

1/20/1951 - 5/13/1951

Takes and fulfills Contract to destroy young Samedi, childe of Richard "Papa" Aquitaine (Ind. Samedi), while they traveled in the MidWest.

Bargain - Mr. Allen


Met Mr. Allen and struck a bargain for services to be rendered in exchange for mortal identity paperwork and immigration aid for her family.

Contract - Clan <NPC - Boston VST>

3/25/1967 - 7/3/1967

Contracted to kill Constance Fournier. Failed, despite having inside help. Contracted by Constance to deliver package to Equinox.

Clan - Assisted


Sent to aid Rasul Ibn Mohmud in his hunt for a Sabbat who had escaped Justice in Canada. Hunt ended successfully near Mexican Border.

Personal Contract

3/24/1990 - 7/19/1991

Hunted down a Sabbat Tremere that made itself known to her. Towards the end she enlisted the aid of Bastien (Brujah-Cam) and Eris (Malk-Cam).

Present from Mr. Allen


A perfect (Crafts x5) forgery of the original Israeli governmental documents.

Sabbat Hunt in CA & Sami Al-Sadat

1/1/2004 - 6/5/2005

City in Southern California infested with Sabbat. During Elisheva's hunt she met Sami Al-Samat (Ind. Settite). Sami was gathering information and assisted Elisheva briefly.

Contract - Deirdre Fisher

3/2/2004 - 4/8/2004

Elisheva was offered a contract on Deirdre Fisher (Cam-Toreador) for final death. She declined in favor of hunting the Sabbat.

Contract - Julia

8/23/2005 - 01/24/2006

Contracted to protect Julia Hamby (Cam Ventrue) in MS Gulf Coast during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Contract - Eirik

4/2/2011 - 8/10/2012

Contracted by Eirik Alexson (Cam Brujah) to hunt a troublesome Sabbat in Philadelphia. Complications incurred due to contract resolved by Prince Alexson.

Status - Philadelphia


Recognized by Prince Eirik Alexson of Philadelphia

During Chronicle

Contract - Donna Felisha

4/10/14 - 4/12/14

Contracted to attend Conclave as protection for Donna Felisha. Conclave did not go as hoped.

Prince Merrick

4/12/14 - 4/15/14

Prince Merrick takes custody of Elisheva's body and returns her to Atlas 3 days later.

Assamite Meeting (Atlas)


Atlas leads a meeting of the Assamites in America, restructuring how they report and take contracts. Also feels out how the Clan feels about the Camarilla and the role of the Assamites.

Atlas is Taken

9/20/14 - 9/21/14

The Mountain lays a trap and takes Atlas after torporing him and Archon Bellamy. Prince Erik Alexson and Prince Constance Fournier grant Elisheva asylum and protection, along with the protection of the Brujah Justicar.

Guest of Erik Alexson

09/22/2014 - 01/08/2015

Stayed in Philadelphia under the protection of Prince Erik Alexson, Prince Constance Fournier and the Brujah Justicar.

Atlas and Bellamy are Murdered


Eldest Atlas and Archon Bellamy are murdered by the Tower for the crime of being loyal to Alamut.

Achilles Secretly Visits LR

01/13/2015 - 01/15/2015

Now Eldest, Achilles visits his broodmate to discuss recent events.

Sabbat Uncovered


Sabbat infiltrators are uncovered in Little Rock as well as a diablarist. Elisheva aids the local Tower in this.

Moved to Philly

September 18, 2015