Sudan: Race and Religion in Civil War

Case Study #1


Equatoria Corps Uprising


Event that starts the first Sudanese Civil War

First Sudanese Civil War

1955 - 1972

Led by Anyanya army against the central government

Sudan Gains it's Independence

January 1, 1956

British grants them independence according to the February 1953 agreement by the UK and

Addis Abbaba Agreement


Peace treaty that ends the first Civil War

President Nimeiry's Placement of Sharia as National Law


Enfuriates South Sudan causes the start of the second Civil War

Second Sudanese Civil War

1983 - 2005

Addis Abbaba Agreement fails to keep peace, and the placement of sharia as national law sparks the beginning of the second civil war.

Omar al-Bashir takes control of Sudan


Omar al-Bashir takes control after President Nimeiry is removed from office. He is no help, and plans to place more severe islamic laws.

John Paul II travels to Sudan to help stop the War.


He urges people in the Second Civil War to stop fighting and make peace. Helps Christians in the south.

Comprehensive Peace Agreement


North and South join to come to an agreement to stop fighting, and the war ends.

South Sudan becomes a Independent Country

July 9, 2011

They gain independence from Sudan according to the agreement.