Unit 4:The divisive decade


Publishing of uncle toms cabin


Written by harriet beecher stowe and in the first year over 300000 copies of her book were sold and sparked anti slavery movements

Franklin Pierce is elected


Most incompetent president, he doesn't really do much of anything.

The Gaddsden Purchase


A purchase of from mexico to the heela river.
They bought the rest down to the current border in order to build the transcontinental railroad.

Kansas-Nebraska Act


Exacerbates tensions because Stephen douglas wanted the railroad to run from chicago to oregon in a northern route. The act was that the people must decide whether they are a pro or anti slavery state nullifying the 36-30 line.

Bleeding Kansas


The radicals from both sides north and south flood into kansas to make sure that the vote is in their favor. When they meet they begin killing each other.



Democrat - Buchanan
Republican - Fremont
American-Know Nothing-Whig - Fillmore

Buchanan wins and does absolutely nothing except for fighting the mormon settlers in utah

Dred Scott vs. Sanford


Chief Justice at the time was Roger B. Taney
Dred Scott is a slave who was taken to a non slave state by his master and then he declared that he was free. Taney says that since he is not a citizen he cannot sue, but since he is property he can be moved around. This invalidates all of the federal law against slavery in different states. Prevents compromise in congress.

John Browns raid on Harper's Ferry

October 8, 1859

Radical abolitionist John Brown takes a group of 21 men to raid the armory in Harper's Ferry. He was trying to start an uprising in the South so that the slaves would rebel. Soon he was defeated by the militia of the townsfolk then taken to jail by the US Marines that were on leave nearby. General Robert E. Lee lead these marines to capture the 21 armed men.