William Farrer

This was done by Griffith Pattison


william is born

3 April 1845

William farrer is born on the3 April 1845

Migrated to Australia


William Farrer migrated to Australia

William Quaified as a surveyor

July 1875

William Qualified as a surveyor July 1875

Had a Bike Accident


Had a bike accident that left one shoulder lower than the other and impared eyesight

Resigned from the lands Department

July 1880

William got Married

11 September 1882

William Farrer got married to a woman named Nina Herrietta Sophia Fane De Salis at st Phillips Anglican Church

Attempted to cross breed wheat


Attempted to cross breed wheat was one of the worst attemptes

wealthy uncle offers fortune


wealthy Uncle offers William a fortune if he came back to England

Federation wheat


William made the Federation wheat

William Died

16 April 1906

Died of a Heart Disease