APUSH First Semester

Less than 40 of the most important events of leading up to the Civil War.


Treaty of Paris 1783

September 3, 1783

Granted the United States independence.

Shay's Rebllion

1786 - 1787

Led by farmer Daniel Shay in demand of paper money, tax relief, debts added...urgency movement of the constitution.

The Constitution


Written by James Madison...

Bill of Rights


First ten amendments in the Constitution, which are some of America's most cherished values and rights.

Cotton Gin


By Eli Whitney, made it easier for cotton to be sorted out. Increased slavery and textile industry.

Marbury v. Madison


The first John Marshall case. Establishes Judicial Review.

The Louisiana Purchase

October 20, 1803

From France for $15 million and doubles the size of the union.

The Steamboat


Invented by Robert Fulton. First major technological invention for transportation.

Missouri Compromise


By Henry Clay. Decided Maine as free state and Missouri as slave state, no slavery above the 36"30" parallel line. Later diminished by the Compromise of 1850.

The Canal Age

1820 - 1830

Helped link the East and West, developed by states.

The Lowell Factory System

1826 - 1840

Young, unmarried women given factory jobs for a few years time.

The Removal Act


By Andrew Jackson...

Turner Rebellion


Rise of slaves, led by Nat Turner. It was at night and killed 50/60 whites. 100+ slaves were executed including Nat Turner.

The Liberator

January 1, 1831 - 1865

An anti-slavery newspaper by abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison.

Trail of Tears

1831 - 1838

Andrew Jackson's policy to force Native Americans to relocate from their homeland to reservations out West.

Theory of Nullification


By John C. Calhoun. The idea that any state can veto a law passed by the federal government in their state government.

Horace Mann & Public Education

1837 - 1850

Secretary of the State Board of Education in Massachusetts. Introduced public-school program for the nation.

Panic of 1837

1837 - 1842

America's worst depression yet. It was caused by Andrew Jackson's "Specie circular"

The Railroad


Personal investment of states and federal government.

The Telegraph


By Samuel Morse, increased communication through the nation.

Manifest Destiny


This was when it became popular. The idea that it is in God's will for America to expand all throughout the West of the continent.

California Gold Rush


Seneca Falls


Convention concerning women's rights. Included the revision of the Declaration of Independence to include women.

Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo

February 2, 1848

Rio Grande is U.S.- Mexico border, Mexico agrees to sell California

Compromise of 1850


By Henry Clay and did the following: admitted California a free state, ended slave trade in District of Columbia, popular sovereignty to issue slavery question out west, created a new fugitive slave law, and settled Texas and New Mexico's boundary dispute.

Uncle Tome's Cabin

March 20, 1852

By Harriet Breecher Stowe, shows the evils of slavery. The best selling novel of the 19th century.

The Gadsen Purchase

1853 - 1854

By James Gadsen. Bought $10 million worth of a piece of land for the transcontinental railroad.

Kansas-Nebraska Act


By Stephen Douglas. Decided that popular sovereignty would be used to answer the slave question in other new territories.

Dred Scott Case


John Brown's raid at Harper's Ferry

October 1859

Transcontinental Railroad

May 10 1869

Railroad is completed. Crosses the nation from Northeast to the West in California.