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Grymes: 6?hrs: Application, Attendance, Test Scores, Honor Role

06/14/2011 - 06/17/2011

Dan: I need about 6? hours of Craig's time to update Grymes' Online Application (CT#87720), fixing the Master Attendance Reports for Grymes', ERB Test Score data (CT#87895), Honor Roll setup (CT#90808)

Grymes: 2hrs: Honor Role Setup

06/27/2011 - 07/01/2011

see Dan: Honor Roll setup

ECS shedule import

07/04/2011 - 07/08/2011

see alice

WCA:: Schedule Import

07/05/2011 - 07/08/2011

Alice: WCA schedules are going to be finished and coming in this week. These schedules will be an export from SchoolMaster, not in a VC template, but should be almost identical to their schedule format that was imported last summer. We'd like this in by mid-July at the latest.

Craig - move if needed.

AACS: 3hrs: MS Schedule Template Load

07/11/2011 - 07/15/2011

See Jeremy w/Any questions: CT is 121793. If no time, this could be pushed to week of July 18-22

WCA: 2-3hrs: WCA Schedule Upload

7/18/11 - 07/22/2011

see Alice - This is a Top Priority



06/13/2011 - 07/01/2011

CAIS Go Live 6/29


7/01/2011 - 7/11/2011

Grymes: 8hrs?: Import Development Data


Dan: Grymes will be migrating Development Data and going live with Development Module on 7/13. I need about 8? hours of Craig's time to import final data that will come in on 7/6.

Grymes: Development Module Live


Metropolitan Live

7/14/11 - 7/15/11

Grymes: 6hrs: Development Data Upload

07/18/2011 - 07/22/2011

see Dan


7/18/2011 - 8/11/2011

SPA: import MS Schedules

8/1/11 - 8/5/11

see alice. data was supposed to come 7/29 for this.

AACS: US ClassA load

08/01/2011 - 08/05/2011

see cT122046

Roadmap Feature




07/23/2011 - 08/01/2011