The Life of Truganini

by Jessica P history 2013


Truganini was born


Truganini was born in Van Diemen's land.

Truganini met Robinson


When Truganini met Robinson her mother, uncle, sister and fiancé had been killed.

Truganini was married to Woodrady


They were married at Bruny Island.

Trugaini travelled Van Dieman's land acting as Robinson's guide.

1830 - 1835

Truganini taught Robinson her aboriginal language and customs, which he recorded.

Truganini and Robinson went to Flinders Island


At Flinders Island Robinson re named Truganini 'Lallah Rook' but she decided to keep her own name.

Woodrady died


Truganini, Woodrady and 14 other aboriginals were at Port Phillip with Robinson, but when two of the men were hung for murder, the rest were sent back to Flinders Island. Woodrady dying on the way.

Truganini went back to Oyster Cove


Back at Oyster Cove Truganini resumed her old life for a while, hunting in the bush, spearing fish and diving for shellfish.

There was only two full-blood Tasmanian Aboriginals alive


By this time William Lanne and Truganini were the only full-blood Tasmanian Aboriginals alive.

Truganini moved to Hobart


Truganini moved to Hobart. She stayed there until her death.

Truganini passed away


Truganini was concerned, that after her death, her body would not be put on public display, but studied by scientists. Sadly her body was put on display at the Tasmanian Museum until 1951.

Truganini's body was put on public display

1878 - 1951

Truganini's body was put on public display at the Tasmanian Museum until 1951.

Truganini was cremated


The Tasmanian aboriginal community requested that Truganini may be cremated and scattered in the D'Entrecasteaux Cannel near her homeland.