The Cold War 1945-1991 (2007)

This timeline will guide you to different year of the cold war

The Yalta Conference


  1. april in 1949, Nato apear. Nato is write for North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The Berlin Wall

1961 - 1991

In 1961 DDR build the wall. 1991 fall of the Berlin wall.

The President


Franklin D. Roosvelt

1933 - 1945

Frankiln D. (Delano) Rossvelt were the 32th president in USA.

Harry S. Truman

1945 - 1953

First he was the vice president, but then he became the president. Truman has been only the vice president in 82 days when the president Frankiln D. Roosvelt died the 12. april 1945. He was the vice president nr 34, and president nr.33.

John F. Kennedy

1961 - 1963

John "Jack" F. Kennedy is mostly known as the 35th president in USA. He tried to stop the cold war, but got murdered.

The Soviet Union

The leader/ people from the Soviet Union.

Josef Stalin

1922 - 1953

He were the first general secretary in the Soviet Union communist party.

Mikhail Gorbatsjov

1985 - 1991

He was the Soviet Union leader as the general secretary in the central committee in the Soviet Union communy from 1985 to March 1990, and then turned as President from 1990 to 1991.
mars 1990, og deretter som president fra 1990 til 1991.


The Korean War

1950 - 1953

1953: Armistice

The Cuba Crisis


From 16.10.1962 to 28.10.1962 did the problem last.