Somali Peace Processes


Somali Constitutional Process 2004-2012

Transitional Federal Charter Adopted

August 2004

Transitional Federal Government (TFG) established

September 2004

TFG officially established under Puntland's president, Abdullahi Yusuf

Independent Federal Constitution Commission (IFCC) established

June 2006

IFCC created in order to write new federal Constitution for Somalia.

Sheikh Sharif elected as new TFG president

January 2009

Sheikh Sharif was former Chairman of the Islamic Court union and is elected to be new TFG president

Fifteen new commissioners of IFCC sworn into office

January 2010

Consultive Draft Constitution (CDC) presented by IFCC

July 2010

CDC presented by IFCC and public consultation process commenced

Roadmap to end the Transition adopted by the Somali Roadmap Signatories

September 2011

i.e.: TFG president, TFG Prime Minister, Speaker of the Transitional Federal Parliament, President of Puntland, President of Galmudug, Chairman of Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamaa, along with the SRSG Augustine Mahiga

Committee of Experts (CoE) established by Roadmap Signatories

November 2011

CoE established by Roadmap Signatories in order to complement the work of IFCC.

Garowe I Constitutional Conference introduced NCA

December 2011

National Constituency Assembly (NCA) to replace the national referendum in the adoption of the new Constitution.

Garowe II Constitutional Conference discuss procedures to adopt new Constitution

February 2012

adoption of the new Constitution by the NCA and introduced substantial decisions on the content of the new Constitution, e.g. the decision to establish a parliamentary system of government and the ways forward in the country's federalisation attempt

Galkaayo Agreement introduced Somali Traditional Elders

March 2012

introduced Somali Traditional Elders as a mechanism that would select members of the NCA and the new Federal Parliament

Djibouti Peace Process

1991 First Attempts at Reconciliation

June 1991