space travel


november 3 1945 - november 10 1945

a dog called laika was the first dog to go to space but sadly died a week after landing because it went into panic because of heat exhaustion

the first astronaut in space

German v2


In 1942 the German V2 was the first rocket to reach 100km from the Earth’s surface (the boundary of space).

The rocket was designed by Wernher Von Braun, who later worked with NASA as the creator of the rockets that went to the moon

Albert ll


Albert II, was the first monkey in space. He was a Rhesus monkey, a type of monkey that originally comes from Asia.

Albert went into space on 14th June, 1949 in a specially adapted American V2 rocket, that flew to a height of 83 miles from earth



On 4th October 1957 Russia launched the first satellite into space; Sputnik 1, and the space age had properly begun!

Sputnik was the first satellite in orbit around the earth. Today there are over 500 working satellites in space. Sputnik means "Satellite" in Russian.

yuri gararin

april 12 1961 - april 13 1961

yuri gargarin was the first man in space orbiting the earth it took him 1h and 48m.

One small step


On 20th July 1969 Neil Armstrong , and then Buzz Aldrin took "one small step" and became the first men on the moon. The first words said on the moon were "the Eagle has landed". Their spaceship, Apollo 11 worked perfectly, flying them 250,000 miles to the moon, and bringing them all the way back safely to earth. Buzz was a childhood nickname - his real name was Edwin!

The first astronauts to land on the Moon


Neil Armstrong,Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins were the first men to land on the moon.their job was to collect rocks on the moon and take them back to Earth and get them analysed.Glass was found in the rocks.