Matt and Olivia's space timeline



buzz aldrin

1930 - 2013

neil armstrong

august 5 1930 - august 25 2012

space exploration

1942 - 2013

1st rocket into space

1942 - 1945

German v2 rocket

animals in space

1947 - 2007

the first monkey in space


Albert the second who was a monkey was the first animal in space. He originally came from Asia.

first satelite in space

1955 - 2013

first tv satelite in space

1962 - 2013

presedent john f. kennedy

1963 - 1970

u.s.a president john f. kennedy wanted the astronaust to land safely on the moon. so he sent of a sort of little spaceship thing so the spaceship can land safely and the people that control the spacecraft will know that it has landed safely so they can do therre tests and work ohn the moon.

First private space plane


it will be a private tour in space on a plane