shakira ely timeline


space travel

first rocket into space

1942 - 1945

German v2 rocket

space exploration

1942 - 2013

exploring space was from 1942-on wards

first animal on the moon


the first animal in space was a monkey and after wards was a dog that died the next day.

first scientist in space

1972 - 1982

his name was Harrison Schmitt he was born in 1935

the first woman in space

1984 - 2012

Her name was sally ride she died July 23 2012 aged 61

extrasolar planet

lift off


a german v2 lifted off on the boundary in space.

monkey on moon


Albert the 2 was the first monkey in space.

first dog in space


The russion dog Laika was the first dog to Orbit the Earth.

First man in space


His name was Yuri Gagarin he was born 9th of March 1934 and 27th of March 1968 aged 34.