Unit 2.9 - 3 (1814 - 1824)

War of 1812 "Era of good feelings"

Thoughts and questions



What caused the war of 1812?
The commandeering of ships and their crewmen by the british navy
How can this be considered an american victory?
How did it destroy the Federalist Party?


Daniel Webster


Northern representative
Northern Interests:
Manufacturing (Low quality Textiles that people are not buying)
Protects the industry by enforcing tariffs on british imports
People immigrate into the north because of the work and then move south
Try to block missouris state hood which annoys the south

John C. Calhoun


Southern representative
Cash Crops
States Rights

Adam Smith


Scotsman and economist and philosopher
Wrote the "Wealth of Nations"
Published in 1766
Father of Capitalism
By allowing people freedom of choice you benefit society by forcing the product makers to innovate

Missouri Compromise


Missouri becomes a slave state
Massachusetts is split to make Maine which becomes a free state to equal out both north and south
All new states to enter the union will become non slave states tipping the balance towards the north

Henry Clay


Western Representative
Proposed the economic "American System"
Tax imported goods from britain and use the money to develop the west and the northern industry would support this by using supplies from the south. the southerners object
Masterminds the missouri compromise of 1820


Adams Reelection


Reelected because there is only one political party and because most white men now own cheap land also clay gives his votes to Adams

Economic Panic


As people become more interdependant when the economy falls, so do many people.
Bad economy = drastic change in government.
People who do not have the capital to buy land, buy land and then default which causes the banks to crash.

Jackson creates his own party



Monroe Doctrine


States that if europe tries to settle in north or south america, the americans will consider it a threat and respond.
Secretary of state John Quincy Adams
The US cannot back this claim up, but the british go along with it because it would cause the spanish to loose their empires. Also the british do not want to fight for new colonies.