Jake Adler - History



800 BC - 730 BC

Created Spartan Constitution. Anti-Democratic. Was in favor of rule by Elders.

Croesus of Lydia

546 BCE

Consults Oracle about attacking the persians. "If you attack the Persians, you will destroy a great empire"


496 BCE - 406 BCE

Won prize in the Festival of Dionysus for 30 years. Wrote play Oedipus.


455 BCE - 385 BCE

Comedic playwright who wrote play Lysistrata. He was against the peloponesian war.

Non Agression Pact Between Pelo. and Delian league

446 BCE

Agreement not to fight each other but to fight Persians.

Peloponnesian War

431 BCE - 404 BCE

War between Greeks and Persians. Sparta and Athens are the 2 main Greek contributors. Greeks fighting at home.


429 BCE

Character in Sophocles' play. Married mother. Part of Theban Plays.

League of Corinth

338 BC

Created by Phillip II, purpose was to unite helens to fight a common enemy, Persians.


311 BCE

Enter Babylon and claim empire. Found Antioch and Seleucus. They found cities and populated them with Greek and Macedonians to hold onto the land for them.

Deus Ex Machina

250 BC

A concept in Greek Drama, solving an unsolvable problem using a new object or setting. "God machine". Ex: Chariot in Medea.


100 AD

Historian who wrote about Alexander the Great.