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Attack On Diagon Alley


The day after New Year's, Voldemort orders his Death Eaters to attack Diagon Alley for reasons unknown. When the dust clears, nine are dead, three are gravely injured, and nineteen have sustained minor injuries that required hospitalization.

A False Prophecy


It is speculated by several friends that the words Sybill Trelawney uttered that Wednesday after classes is a prophecy concerning the dark lord's fall. Word quickly spreads around the school.

Alessandra Fudge Killed


Aurors have never been able to figure out exactly why Alessandra Fudge was killed, although many suspect the older Ravenclaw attempted to come to Trelawney's aid when she noticed the kidnapper. Unfortunately, her efforts were in vain. Her body was found later that evening.

Sybill Trelawney Kidnapped


Rumors of a "prophecy" given by Sybill Trelawney about his downfall reach the Dark Lord's ears. It's is speculated that he ordered one of his men to bring her in for interrogation. She is kidnapped from Hogsmeade that afternoon. Her body is never found.

Waterloo Explosion


Death Eaters blow up the famed London landmark, the Waterloo Bridge. Two wizards and an unknown amount of muggles die in the blast that lit up the Thames.



Daily Prophet Obituary:
Decorated Auror Ophelia Morgan was found dead in her home early this morning after neighbors called and reported seeing the dark mark cast over her house. Her death comes just days after the Waterloo Bridge explosion, of which Miss Morgan was the leader of the team assigned to investigate. Aurors are hesitant to make any direct correlation between her death and the investigation, although speculation about missing case files indicate that this might have been exactly the case. Miss Morgan is survived by several distant relatives and long time best friend Minerva McGonagall, who could not be reached for comment.

Aurors Foil Raid


Thanks to a bit of trustworthy intelligence, Aurors are able to successfully foil a Death Eater raid on a small village in west Cornwall. There are no casualties, and several death eaters are successfully apprehended for the first time in a year.

Hogsmeade Abduction


Muggleborn shop clerk Katie Walker is abducted on her way home from work for reasons unknown. A wide-spread search of the area ensues, but no leads are found until her body is discovered in the hills on the outskirts of town two weeks later.

Aurors Mobilized


Several Aurors are stationed in both Hogsmeade and Hogwarts in order to protect both residents and students alike. For the most part, it seems to deter further warfare in the area.

Blaiddwyn Burns


A small wizarding commune in Wales is razed to the ground by Death Eaters. The fire that ensues quickly spirals out of control and eventually destroys a nearby muggle settlement several miles away. There are no survivors when the Aurors arrive.

Back On Duty


Retired Head Auror Ulysses Wilkes is called back onto active duty after the devastation at Blaidwynn. He quickly calls for reforms in how the department mobilizes and harsher training regiments for cadets. It is a turning point in the war.

Win, Lose, Or Draw


Under the leadership of Ulysses Wilkes, the Aurors successfully drive back the Death Eaters who were planning on attacking the Parliament building while the assembly was in session and apprehend half of their numbers. Countless muggles are obliviated in the aftermath, but all in all it is considered a Ministry success.

Strike One


Lord and Lady Selwyn are attacked in their home by an unknown assailant and are found by their eldest son and youngest daughter hours later. Lady Selwyn succumbs to her injuries after being rushed to Saint Mungo's, but Lord Selwyn survives in a coma for another two weeks before he too passes away. The perpetrator is never caught.

Stand Off At The Springs

07/29/77 - 07/31/77

Although an unlikely battlefield, Hufflepuff Springs becomes the site of the final major battle between the Aurors and the Death Eaters in a battle that lasts for two days. Commander Ulysses Wilkes is hit with a slow acting curse during the battle that will claim his life several months later, and eventually both sides are forced to retreat.

A Back Up Plan


After discovering the Dark Lord's plan to challenge Dumbledore in a matter of days, several members of his inner circle gather together at the behest of Rodolphus Lestrange and begin making alternate arrangements to ensure they will both stay out of jail and carry on the cause should Voldemort fall. As it turns out, it is a wise move.

The Challenge


Angry with his recent losses and growing steadily more desperate to rule, Voldmort challenges Dumbledore to a one-on-one duel that will determine the fate of the wizarding world to be held at Hogwarts later that afternoon. The terms, though unspoken, are clear - the victor will rule it all. What no one is expecting, however, is for both combatants to fall during the course of it.

Plans Afoot


Rodolphus Lestrange and his true inner circle gather together to discuss their plans for continuing the cause. It is decided that the weak, the stupid, and the insane must be culled from their ranks in order for their plans to succeed. To that end, they vow to lull people into a false sense of security by allowing the Aurors to capture their less desirable comrades - after their silence is ensured should they be interrogated, of course.

A Necessary Sacrifice

8/24/77 - 01/16/78

Starting this day, "rogue" followers of Voldemort who supposedly refuse to believe the rumors of his demise begin the attacks they have been ordered by the beginnings of the Dark Court to make. The first town hit is Hogsmeade, where twenty-two DE's are eventually captured by the DMLE. Every single one of them seizes violently upon being brought in for questioning and dies a few hours later, thus providing the Aurors with no answers about those who still remain at large or future raids. Thus frustrating pattern of mysterious deaths amongst their prisoners continues until the last one is captured nearly half a year later.

Strike Two


Just a scant month after the deaths of Lord and Lady Selwyn, Lord and Lady Black are discovered dead in the parlor of their London town home by Lady Black's brother. The case is eerily similar to the one witnessed at Selwyn Manor, and Aurors immediately redouble their efforts to find the murderer on the loose. Their investigation turns up no real leads however, and the unidentified assailant remains at large.

The Stalker

09/13/77 - 12/31/77

A series of disturbing letters are sent to Lord Elijah Bonham over the course of this period, but are promptly dismissed by the well loved healer in charge of Saint Mungo's Hospital as being nothing more than deranged declarations of love from an obsessed fan.

Masque Mayhem!


Healer Elijah Bonham is kidnapped from a New Year's Masque being held at Hogwarts and disappears without a trace for several weeks before eventually managing to escape. Word of his kidnapper's identity is eventually leaked to be a muggleborn witch named Adaline Siles - a fact the Dark Court fully intends to exploit.

The Campaign

01/05/78 - 03/26/78

A smear campaign against muggleborns claiming that first generation witches and wizards become mentally unbalanced upon learning of magic and having their entire world view changed is subtly launched by members of the Dark Court and their supporters who work in the media and runs until the Minister at the time attempts to shut it down.

The Meeting


A future member of the Dark Court unexpectedly asks to arrange a meeting with the Black King himself, claiming to have information that will help him in his task. What he learns that day is staggering, and Rodolphus immediately begins making plans to utilize the knowledge he's gained to help further the cause.

Minister Dead


Minister for Magic Ezekiel Edgecombe and his wife Deborah are killed in a tragic head on collision caused by a freak storm. The couple were on their way home from visiting the home of several nearby friends for a small birthday celebration when visibility quickly dropped, sending their car plummeting off the bridge they had been driving across and into the icy river below. They died instantly, and no sign of foul play was suspected.

The Great Reveal


With his primary obstacle to his former campaign now no longer an issue, Rodolphus and co. once again launch the smear campaign against muggleborns - this time spearheaded by the knowledge that Voldemort had been a muggle-raised halfblood named Tom Riddle. The news shakes the Wizarding World to its core, and people begin to warily eye those witches and wizards amongst them who keep a foot in both worlds.

A New Bill


Several highly respected Lords of the Wizengamot propose a bill called the Muggleborn Registration Act that would require all muggleborns to declare themselves to the Ministry in order to form comprehensive profiles on them. These profiles would then allow healers to asses their threat level, purportedly in the interest of making the wizarding world safer. It becomes a hotly debated topic everywhere - including on the Wizengamot floor.

The MRA Is Passed


Despite the best attempts of the more liberal minded elders and the mixed feelings of the public, the Wizengamot forges ahead with the Muggleborn Registration Act. Per the new law, all muggleborns are required to begin presenting themselves to the Ministry's Heritage Council as of August second.

The Diagon Alley Riot


Tensions boil over as several muggleborns attack three unarmed young purebloods while their back is turned. Things quickly escalate from there, turning what was supposed to be a peaceful protest into a waking nightmare for many innocent bystanders. At the end of the day, a good deal of arrests are made and several Aurors are assigned to look into the incident.

Hogwarts Takeover


The Ministry descends into chaos when paperwork filed by a vampire named Salazar Bludd (formerly Slytherin) arrives at the appropriate departments, informing the necessary people in charge that he's rightfully reclaiming his role as owner of Hogwarts and has elected to privatize the school. An envoy is quickly sent to the castle, but does not return until after the school letters have gone out.

Strike Three


After a year at large, the infamous wizard known as the pureblood slayer is tried and sentenced to the dementor's kiss for the deaths of Lords Selwyn, Black, and the newly murdered Greengrass as well as their late wives. Greene, a retired cursebreaker, is said to have snapped after the deaths of his wife and children at the hands of Death Eaters two summers previous and sought revenge by killing those he thought might be close to the ones responsible. None of his victims were ever proven to be in any way connected to his tragic loss.

A New Kind Of Sorting


For the first time in over a thousand years, there have been no acceptance letters delivered to unsuspecting muggles to offer their magical children a place in the first year class of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Only muggleborns who had been attending in previous years are welcomed back, leaving only halfbloods and purebloods amongst the eleven year olds that are eventually sorted.

Five For Life


The five men deemed responsible for the events of the Diagon Alley Riot by the DMLE's investigation are brought to trial before the Wizengamot to face various charges - including several of murder and are quickly sentenced without mercy. The masterminds, brothers Thomas and Liam Fintan, are sentenced to the dementor's kiss after their testimony reveals their part in inciting the riot, and conspirators Mark White, Jack Rowe, and Richard Bishop are carted off to Azkaban to suffer their sentence of life in prison without possibility of parole.

Three Elders Dead


Three Wizengamot Elders are shot and killed by Lindsay Tyler, the longtime girlfriend of the infamous Diagon Five member Jack Rowe, in retaliation for her lover's sentencing. The use of such a destructive muggle weapon is the final straw for muggleborns in government, and within the next weeks a ban on muggleborns that was meant only for the Ministry will spread through the wizarding world like wildfire.

Pink Slips For Muggle Parentage

12/18/1978 - 01/13/79

The Ministry begins the great muggleborn purge, slowly but surely letting go of all employees who could not prove their parents to be of magical descent. Many purist minded witches and wizards quickly move to fill the gaps in the infrastructure their absence has left, and the government is never the same.



Several muggleborns wishing to ring in the New Year in style attempt to attend the party being thrown at the popular nightclub known as Delirium in the Wizarding Quarter. The youths are promptly turned away without explanation, but the move marks a line in the sand being drawn. Many wizarding ventures begin to follow suit with both the Montague family and the Ministry, barring muggleborns from entering their establishments.

Warding Against Bad Blood


Old wards are accidentally discovered on the outskirts of the wizarding only town of Devilry, prompting its denizens to call for the goblins in order to have them examined.