Untitled timeline


Will's life

04/09/1958 - 7/11/2000

Leanne lives as her parent's social experiment

October 1974 - March 1993

Will meets Elex

Jan 1993

Will meets Leanne and takes her in

July 1993

Will, Leanne, and Ji are all living together as Will help the both of them cope

January 1994 - January 1996

Will meets and takes in Ji

Jan 1994

Neva is living with Will

March 1996 - 7/11/2000

Gage is blinded by his parents and runs away from home

November 1996

Will meets Kade

April 2000

Will dies


Winter's lifespan

07/11/2000 - 01/01/2014

Gage and Blaze meet and the two become close friends

May 2001

Tera and Adea meet


Vix meets and join Blaze and Gage

August 2004

Vix meets and brings Elex into their group


Cami skips 3rd grade