Untitled timeline


Founding of Rome

753 BCE

Laozi is supposedly born

604 BCE


563 BCE - 483 BCE

Birth of Achaemenid Dynasty

558 BCE


551 BCE - 479 BCE

Invasion of India by Darius of Peria

520 BCE

Roman Republic Established

509 BCE

Ending of Persian Wars

479 BCE

Ending of Peloponnesian Wars

404 BCE

Aristotle Born

384 BCE

Birth of Mauryan Dynasty

321 BCE

Chandragupta Maurya ruled Mauryan Dynasty

321 BCE

Birth of Gupta Dynasty

320 BCE

Birth of Han Dynasty

280 BCE

Ashoka Maurya reigned Mauryan Dynasty

268 BCE

Birth of Qin Dynasty

221 BCE

Julius Caesar is dictator of Rome

45 BCE

Augustus took rule of Rome

31 BCE

Jesus is born


Ending of Jewish War

70 CE

Yellow Turban Rebellion

184 CE

Collapse of Han Dynasty

220 CE

Edict of Milan & Lagalization of Christianity in Roman Empire

313 CE

Council of Nicaea

325 CE

Collapse of Western Roman Empire

476 CE

Gupta Empire Collapses

550 CE