Owners of Starr's Mill


John Askew

1821 - 1822

John Askew won the land that is now Starr's Mill from the GA Land Lottery of 1821 and sold it to Hananiah Gilcoat.

Hananiah Gilcoat

1822 - 1827

Matthew Philips

1827 - 1828

Reuben Shorter

1827 - 1828

William Robinson

1828 - 1829

Stephen English

1828 - 1839

Luke Morgan and Peter Hair

1840 - 1842

Thomas C Matthews

1842 - 1850

Eli Edmonson

1850 - 1866

Hilliard M Starr

1866 - 1877

Burkett Renfrew

1879 - 1882

William C Parker

1883 - 1888

William T Glower

1888 - 1919

Current Mill Constructed


Current Dam Constructed


Roy Jones

1919 - 1956

Ray Boomer

1957 - 1993

Fayette County Water System

1997 - 2013

Other Events in Fayette County

Whitewater Creek


The largest creek in the county by volume was named this for unknown reasons in the early days of the county. This creek was the most economical for mills.

Fayette County created

May 15, 1821

Fayette County was formed out of ceded Creek Lands and was named after the Marquis de Lafayette.

Alexander Ware buys into Fayette County

July 1821 - 1835

Alexander Ware, native to Madison County, GA, moves in to the newly-formed county. He operated a grist mill and store on Line Creek and his land extended east to what is now McIntosh High School.

McIntosh Murdered by Red Sticks

April 30, 1825

On April 30, 1825, at three in the morning about 170 warriors under the leadership of a brave called Menawa crept quietly up to McIntosh's home in Carroll county and torched the house. One son, Chilly McIntosh, escaped through an open window and fled to Alexander Ware's plantation. Two of McIntosh's wives also escaped. It was then that McIntosh was forced to exit into a spray of bullets from the marauding band. He was instantly killed, dragged out in the yard and scalped. The plantation was then ravaged, the livestock killed and all buildings burned. the warriors left as quickly as they came, taking the scalp of McIntosh as a trophy. He was buried at the site.

American Civil War

1861 - 1865