Cause and Effect

French and Indian War

French and Indian War

1756 - 1763

Proclamation of 1763


Passed in order to prevent expansion into the lands that were still controlled by the Indians the 7yrs war left behind.

British Debt raised to 132 million pounds


Due to 7yrs war expenses

George Grenville elected


Because the previous governor was didn't get good enough results from 7yrs war. Also becasue George III liked him personally over Bute.

Revenue Act


Taxed sugar, and effected molasses(lowered coast per gallon from 6 to 3 cents.

To lower debt.

Quartering Act


Stamp Act


Pure revenue gaining reasons. To lower debt. Supposed to be used as a trump card for the person who proposed the idea in the first place. A way to lower debt in Britain by gaining 60k pounds annually.

Virginia Resolve


In response against Stamp Act