Timeline for Renissance


Renaissance begins in Italy


This is the time when Greek and Roman ideas and values were reborn

Masaccio paints frescos


Masaccio starts making these painting that are done on wet plaster.

Jan Van Eyck paints Arnolfini and Bride


represents ideas and values of the art work happening in the Northern parts of Europe during the Renaissance

Gutenberg invents movable type


This printing press allowed for printed work

War of the roses

1455 - 1485

Civil war between two royal families over power of England

Marriage of ferdinand and Isabella


Dynastic marriage that brought great power to Spain

Leonardo da vinci creates the Mona Lisa and Last Supper

1495 - 1503

Two iconic paintings of this time showing the styles of painting at the time.

Michelangelo creates the David and Sistine Chapel

1501 - 1508

Shows classical and religious technique that were being mastered at the time

Castiglione publishes the Book of the Courtier


Book written to teach nobles how to be good nobles

Machiavelli Publishes The Prince


Book written to teach government how to be a powerful official