Causes and Origins of WWII


Treaty of Versailles

January 1919

Part of the Paris Peace Conference.

Washington Naval Conference

1921 - 1922

Limited tonnage of ships/ captain ships.

The Ruhr Crisis

January 1923

French/ Belgium march into the Rhineland as a demand that German reparation payments be made



Caused by printing more money as a solution of the Ruhr Crisis, hyperinflation led to more votes for the extremist parties (Nazi's)

Dawes Plan


US steps in to solve the hyperinflation crisis. They create a new German currency which helps balance out the economy. Nazi votes drop.

Locarno Conference


Finalizes the Rhineland borders.

Great Depression


Hitler Appointed Chancellor

January 30, 1933

Anglo- German Naval Agreement

June 1933

Germany was allowed to build up its navy. Germany and Britain did not consult with France, who was now angry over the matter.

Hitler's Withdrawal From League of Naitons

October 1933

Hitler withdrew from the Disarmament Conference as well.

Aunschlus Avoided

July 1934

Mussolini challenges Hitler and prevents Aunschlus from happening

Spanish Civil War

1936 - 1939

Hitler was able to try out and build up his Luftwaffe (German Air Force).

Re-militarizing the Rhineland

March 7 1936

Hitler ordered several battalions to take position. Britain and France did nothing in response.

German/ Austrian Aunchluss

March 1938

Germany violated the Treaty of Versailles, angering Britain and France, but they still did nothing.

Munich Pact

October 1938

Britain told Czechoslovakia to give in to Hitler's demands, with the promise that Germany would not be allowed any more territory.

German Invasion of Poland

September 1 1939

War Declared

September 3 1939

Britain and France declared war on Germany.

Export Control Act

July 26, 1940

Cutting oil, iron and steel exports to Japan