4,000,000 BC - 1,000,000 BC

It was the first Hominid development, it was the first to walk upright, and it was found in eastern Africa.

Paleolithic Age

2,500,000 BC - 8,000 BC

This was the period of time when the invention of tools, mastery of fire, and the development of language started. This was the early, and long, part of the Stone Age


200,000 BC - 30,000 BC

Found in Eastern Europe. They are the most well-known hominids, had the largest brain size of any hominid, and the first to have ritual burials


40,000 BC - 800 BC

They were found in Europe, the last development of Homninds, were fully modern humans, and created art.,

Neolithic Age

8,000 BC - 3,000 BC

This is when people started to learn how to polish tools, make pottery, grow crops, and raise animals. This was the longer part of the Stone Age.

Ur Civilization

3,000 BC

Ur a city that home to one of the first civilizations to emerge. The city had social classes and a very modern system. People had jobs, lived in houses, and the city had a defense system. They even had a temple in the center of the city to worship their god!

Bronze Age

3000 BC

The Bronze Age was a period in time when people started to use Bronze instead of copper and stone to make weapons. The date in which is started varies by place(3000 BC is in Sumer).

Neolithic Revolution

2,500 BC

The period in time when people started to farm. They changed from food-gatherers to food producers. It is also none as the agricultural revolution.