The Mongol Empire

Life of Genghis Khan

Birth of Temujin


This is the birth of the boy who would become Genghis Khan, one of the greatest leaders in world history.

Temujin and Family are Abandoned by Tayichiud Clan


This is a major point in the life of Temujin because he has to help defend and provide for his family. He learns to be cunning, which was one of his greatest attributes as Genghis Khan.

Temujin is named Genghis Khan of the Mongols


Temujin becomes the official leader of the Mongol people. This gives him the full support of a nation and the power to form his empire.

Death of Genghis Khan

August 18, 1227

The world loses one of it's greatest leaders. This changes the course of both Mongol and world history as the empire needs a new leader.

Post-Genghis Khan Mongol Empire

Ogodei Elected as the New Khan


This is the beginning of the Empire without Genghis Khan.

Death of Ogodei, End of Mongol Expansion in Europe


This is the farthest the Mongol Empire expands. Although there will be peaceful diplomatic actions in the future, there is no further conquest.

End of Unified Empire


The Mongol Empire formed under Genghis Khan splits into two factions under Khubilai Khan and Ariq Boke, respectively. These factions take different action in their territories.

Death of Khubilai Khan


Khubilai was the grandson of Genghis Khan and one of the great Mongol Khans.

End of Yuan Dynasty and Formal Mongol Empire


This is the official end of the Mongol Empire, bringing an end to the Mongol world domination.