The Cold War


Jalta- and Postdams Conference


-Churchilll, Stalin and Roosevelt

This was decided:
-The United Nations (UN) was created to prevent future wars
-Germany and Berlin were divided into 4 zones
-Soviet Union were to go to war against Japan after Germany was beaten
-The eastern countries that were liberated by the "red army" would get hold 4 choices



Trumandoktrinene was to support all the countries that were threatened by the communism. It was established by President Harry S. Truman in 1947.

Marshall Plan


The poor countries bought things from the United States, and the United States made ​​good on it and that the poor countries borrowed money because when they got it back plus interest.

The Berlin Wall


Soviets blocked all roads to the west Berlin because they would ensure that Germany was in distress since the Soviets suffered so much during the war. Western powers would, however, assist and provide enough food and other things they needed.



BRD = Bundesreblublikk Deutcshland (West-Berlin)
DDR = Detche Demokratiske Rebublikk (East-Berlin)
NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NATO is formed


NATO was created in Washington DC on 4 April 1949.

The Korean War

1950 - 1953

Korea was ruled by Japan until 1945, and by then, Korea was divided into two: South and North Korea
North was occupied by the Soviet Union and the South was occupied by the United States
In 1950 North Korea attacked
Kim Il Sung (supported by Mao and Stalin)

Warzawapakten is formed


What led to the formation was NATO membership. The pact was signed on 14 May 1955 in Warzhawa. Those who were members of the pact, was the Soviet Union, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Czechoslovakia, folkereblublikken Poland, Hungary and the German Democratic reblublikk.

The uprising in Hungary


It was an uprising against the Soviet occupiers in Hungary between October 23. and November 04. 1956. The uprising was put down by Soviet troops. Between 25 000 and 50 000 Hungarians, and about 7000 Soviet soldiers were killed. It all started as a student demonstration, where thousands of thousands of people marched to parliament.

The Berlin Wall was built


Berlin wall was built 12 August 1961. The reason why it was built was because those in the East Berlin were not to flee across the western Berlin.
The wall was laid down in 1989 during the democratic revolution against dictatorship in the GDR and there are only a few traces remain.

Cuba Crisis


U.S. found that Soviet missiles had located and the USA did not like it, so they cut all contact with Cuba.

The Berlin Wall was demolished


Berlin Wall was demolished. The Cold War is over.