Spain: War and Peace

Medieval, Imperial, Revolutionary, and Modern


Before 1600 and after 1479

Spanish Golden age

1500 - 1600

The peak of Spanish power, the military had grown powerful.

The Italian wars

1508 - 1559

This 50 year long war includes the war of the league of Cambrai, the Holy war leagues, and had begun the Spanish Conquering war.

Spanish Conquering

1519 - 1521

When Spain conquered the Aztec Empire. Begun by the Italian Wars, Ended in bloodshed and the new-found land of Mexico.

Battle of Lepanto

1571 - 1578

The final of the Italian wars where The Holy league, or the league of Cambrai, was victorious.

Napoleonic Wars

1803 - 1815

The Napoleonic Wars were a series of French Revolutions, ending with Spain's loss of the Americas.


Before 1800 and after 1600

Spanish Empire

1402 - 1975

Spain's territorial reach beyond Europe spanned nearly 6 centuries, starting with the conquest of the Canary Islands in 1402 followed by the first voyages to the Americas in 1492 until the loss of its last African colonies in 1975.

Scientific Revolution

1600 - 1700

The Scientific method is discovered and fought for rights to be used.

Spanish Renaissance

1600 - 1800

It began in early Italy, and spread across Europe. The discovery of music, art, science, literature, humanism, religion, and self-awareness.

The European Slave Trade

1600 - 1800

The slave trade was turned into an established institution in 1600, but was later abolished in 1981.

Age of Enlightment

1790 - 1800

It was a revolution to rid Europe of irrationality, superstition, dogmatism, intolerance of all kinds, and gross abuses of power by the evil king.


Before 2000 and after 1800

Yaqui Wars

1533 - 1929

A long line of deadly battles that begun after Spain conquered the Aztec land of Mexico and ended with Mexican victory. The battle was between The native Americans and the Spanish-Mexicans.

Spanish Constitution

1812 - 1814

The Spanish Constitution was issued.

The Loss of the Americas

1815 - 1900

After the devastating Napoleonic Wars, Spain lost all of it's territories in America, leaving it with a few territories in Africa.

Restoration period

1874 - 1931

After the First Spanish Republic ended, the monarchy under Alfonso XII ended on 14 April 1931 with the proclamation of the Second Spanish Republic.
After almost a whole century of political instability and many civil wars, the aim of the Restoration was to create a new political system, which ensured stability and to rebuild after the wars.

Constitution of 1876

1876 - 1880

The name "Espana" became the official name of the country.

Spanish Civil War

1936 - 1939

The Spanish Civil War was fought between the Republicans and the Nationalists led by General Francisco Franco. The Nationalists won, and Franco ruled Spain from 1939 until 1975.

La Tomatina 1

8-28-1945 - 8-29-1945

In 1945, during a parade of Gigantes y Cabezudos, young kids who wanted to be in the event started a fight in the town's main square, the Plaza del Pueblo. There was a vegetable stand nearby, so they picked up tomatoes and used them as weapons. The police had to break up the fight and forced those responsible to pay the damages incurred.

Spanish Democracy

1976 - 1981

Spain transferred from an empire to a Democratic Republic.


2000 -

Spanish Bombings

2004 - 2008

Madrid train bombings killed one hundred and ninety-one and injured over two thousand. Prime Minister José María Aznar blamed the Basque terrorists ETA.

ETA Peace Declaration

2011 - Present

The ETA, a terrorist group in Spain, (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna) declared that there will be no more assassinations.