William Wallace Timeline - Luke Galic


King Edward I's Lifetime

1238 - 1307

Robert the Bruce's Lifetime

1274 - 1329

King Alexander III's Death


The year of the Death of the Scottish leader, King Alexander. He was succeeded by his four year old niece.

Margaret's Death


The English King, Edward I (LongShanks) has to decide the new King of Scotland. John Balliol or Robert Bruce

John Balliol is King

1292 - 1296

It took 2 years for Longshanks to decide who would be the King of Scotland. He lost it trying to regain Scotland's Independence

William Wallace Became an Outlaw


Wallace became an outlaw because his father was killed by an Englishman. William Wallace quickly gained a reputation as a Scottish Hero. He also gained 50 followers.

Victory at Stirling Bridge

1/7/1297 - 11/9/1297

In July Longshank sent out 50,000 soldiers to invade Scotland and kill them. On the 11th of September the English troops were crossing the Stirling Bridge, they saw the Scottish soldiers and they thought they wouldn't attack. 10,000 People died that day due to wounds or drowning when the bridge broke.

Death of William Wallace


William Wallace was tricked to go to a meeting. He was captured by Longshank's soldiers. He was sentenced to be to the horrific punishment of being hung, drawn and quartered.

Robert the Bruce defeats England