William Wallace Timeline - Kyle Rizk


Life of King Edward Ī

1238 - 1307

King Edward was called on by the Scottish nobles after the reign and death of Margaret.

Life of Robert the Bruce

1274 - 1329

Death of King Alexander III


He was succeeded by his four year old niece

Reign of Margaret (King Alexander's four year old niece)

1286 - 1290

After this four year reign, Margaret died at the age of eight.

Reign of William Wallace the Robin-Hood style outlaw

1291 - 1296

In 1296, Wallace gained a 50 member group of troops to fight by his side against the English due to the English killing his father. This gained him the status of a Scottish hero.

Reign of John Ī of Scotland

1292 - 1296

John was elected by King Edward and lost his throne four years later due to him trying to win back the Scottish independence.

Victory at Stirling Bridge


King Edward sent 50 000 solders to invade Scotland. Edward's plan backfired. As Wallace and his men attacked unexpectedly.

Battle of Falkirk


This battle was lost by the Scottish (William Wallace and his men) due to one of the Scottish leaders not of support to Wallace and his troops.

William Wallace's death


Wallace organised to have a meeting with Robert the Bruce. This ended terribly, because William Wallace was charged with many crimes and was executioned.

The defeat of the English


Even though William Wallace was executioned by the English war still continued. Robert the Bruce was the hero as he defeated the English army. The location of this was at Bannockburn.