The Australian colonies (1800-1900)

A timeline of events during the colonisation of Australia from 1800 - 1900 - suitable for the Year 5 History curriculum. Students could use this timeline as an example before creating their own.


British settlement on Sydney


Crossing of the Blue Mountains


Crossing the Blue Mountains allowed for exploration and settlement of areas west of the Great Dividing Range. The explorers Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth were the first to make this treacherous journey. For more information, go to Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth

The Myall Creek Massacre


This was the first recorded killing of a group of Aborigines by white people. The white murderers were eventually hanged despite the strong public opinion that opposed punishment of the offenders.
For more information, read Myall Creek



Gold was discovered near Bathurst in New South Wales. This discovery marked the beginning of the Australian Gold Rushes. Learn more about the Gold Rush at Gold Rush in Australia

The Eureka Stockade


The Eureka Stockade was a protest organised by gold miners, who objected to the expensive Miner's Licence, and the taxation they had to pay on their gold discoveries. It was a bitter battle, and lives were lost - read more at The Eureka Stockade

Outlawed - Ned Kelly and his gang


Ned Kelly and his gang became outlaws, on the run from the police after the police made a visit to the Kelly homestead, and shots were exchanged in an argument. The story of Ned Kelly and his gang can be read here at The Kelly Gang



The Commonwealth of Australia was proclaimed on January 1, 1901. From that point, the 6 colonies, with a combined population of 3.7 million, became one united country. Australia's Federation