History of Dance Timeline

(2000 BCE - Present)

Learn about the evolution of dance through time, from its origins in ancient civilizations to the diverse styles and techniques of modern dance. More Less

Development of Ballet

1400 - 1499

1600 - 1699

1700 - 1799

1700 - 1799


1900 - 1999

Influence of Cultural Movements




Modern and Contemporary Dance




Origins and Traditional Dances


Key Facts

  1. Dance has been part of human culture for thousands of years, with evidence of dance movements found in ancient cave paintings.
  2. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks valued dance as a form of expression and entertainment, depicting it in their artwork and incorporating it into religious ceremonies.
  3. The Renaissance period saw the emergence of ballet as a formal dance style, with the establishment of ballet academies and the development of technique and choreography.
  4. In the 20th century, dance styles such as modern dance, jazz, and hip hop emerged, reflecting social and cultural changes.
  5. Contemporary dance is a highly varied and experimental form of dance that incorporates elements from various styles and techniques.


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