Preceden Acquires Timeglider

Posted on July 1, 2019

In 2003 Michael Richardson launched Timeglider with a mission to "revolutionize time keeping, planning, and the experience of history with a vehicle for exploring time that feels rugged, subtle, and profoundly easy to use." With its simple and easy to use interface, Timeglider quickly became one of the most popular timeline makers on the web and has remained so ever since.

Seven years later I launched this tool, Preceden, with a similar goal of building a product to make visualizing complex historical and project planning timelines a breeze.

Being in the same space and sharing similar visions for our products, Michael and I have long been on each other’s radars. We began chatting in early 2018 about a possible acquisition. It didn’t go anywhere at the time, but we resumed talks a few months ago and decided to make it happen. I’m thrilled to announce that Preceden has officially acquired Timeglider!

With the acquisition behind him, Michael is taking his passion for storytelling and focusing full time on writing and publishing a book later this year. Congrats Michael!

For Timeglider users, I’ve put together FAQs about the acquisition to answer common questions that might arise. The short version is that Timeglider will remain running for at least a few years, but if you want to move your timelines over to Preceden there’s now an easy way to do that.

For Preceden users, you shouldn’t notice any short-term impact, though we will be looking for ways to incorporate some of Timeglider’s innovative features into Preceden in the coming weeks and months such as adding event filters, embedding audio and video, specifying event importance, and more.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] and either Liesl (Preceden's fantastic support lead) or I will get back to you.

And if you’ve never used Preceden to create a timeline for school, work, or personal use, there’s never been a better time give it a spin: Create a timeline with Preceden →.

Matt Mazur (@mhmazur)
Chief Time Traveler, Preceden